How Ageing Affects Men’s Health

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How ageing affects men’s health?

Having more than 1,000 male clients, I find out that there is a big difference of sexual health between a 30 years old and 40 years old. If I would rate their erection from 1 to 10, 10 being hardest, those who are 30 years old is 8-9 in average while those who are around the age of 40 years old is only 6-8. While 9 is being exceptionally good for a 30 years old, it happens only in 1 out of 20 people but those who score only 4-6 is around 1 out of 10.

There are a lot of reasons for men’s health to be declined. While it is nature our health decline, there are many factors that decide how fast or how slow the declining is.

Prepare For Ageing

As we know, most of the sportsmen retire at the age of 35 averagely, some of them start to decline at the age of 30 but some are still very strong at the age of 34, like Christiano Ronaldo. What are the factors?

Enough of Rest

Our body need at least 6-9 hours of rest everyday. If we do not allow our body to rest peacefully, our cells do not have enough time to recover. Most of my clients who have problem in erection are businessmen who always “not free” because they need to do everything by themselves. Their life seems to have only “Career + Money” and have no time for anything else except for Sunday, for their family. Basically, they have some similarity. Panda eye, overweight and like to use phone even doing treatment. People who do not sleep well age faster.

Eat Well

Everyone knows what is good food and what are the food that is bad to our health. But, how many good food do you take and how many bad food do you avoid? It is easy to say but difficult to really discipline ourselves to eat only good food. When was your last fast food or your last ice-cream? I’m sure that you know that they are not good for health.

Avoiding bad food can save us a lot of fat and sugar, which could make us obese and harmful to our health. Eating the right food that provide us nutrition is important too. Testosterone is important to men. Are you taking food that maintain the level of testosterone in your body? I have an e-book about testosterone, you can download it for free if you like to know more about testosterone.

Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia) is an extremely good natural herbs that boost testosterone. I have a tea that contain 3 types of Tongkat Ali. It is my own formula and it had been given good review from my clients. The herbs had helped my clients to improve their erection. And most importantly, it provide men with enough level of testosterone.

Enough Exercise

Exercise helps us to maintain our fitness. Besides, it also helps us to control our weight. There is a stark difference between people who exercise regularly and people who seldom exercise. People who exercise regularly do not feel tired easily because their heart is stronger and can support more workload.

There are quite a number of internet fitness celebrities who are well over the age of 50 but look young. The reason? Exercise regularly.

Be Happy

The last point is important to me. Being happy is not only bringing us mental positiveness, but also stress less life. It doesn’t mean that people who is positive will be young naturally, but people who are positive live in present moment, they enjoy life, they feel contented with what they have. Because they live in present moment, they tend to have a better balanced life compare to those who are chasing after something (wealth, career, love or etc). The key here is balanced life.

In modern society, especially those living in big city, I understand that it is not easy to do all the above. How can we not eat fast food as it had been our habit for so many years? How can we not eat ice-cream when it is so delicious?

Nobody can stop men’s health from declining but we can slow it down. By having enough of rest, eat well, exercise regularly and be happy, we can age slower, and of course, age more happily. Like myself, I am overweight but I try to exercise as much as possible, eat more supplement and healthier food, have enough of sleep and stay happy and positive. 

If you have any question, please contact me, I will reply to you. Thank you.

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