How do I talk to my provider about my sexual health?

Why is it so hard to talk to a healthcare provider about sexual health?

If you’re a sexually active person— or even if you’re not right now—you probably have questions about your sexual health. Like, should I be tested for STIs? Which ones? Or what are my options for preventing pregnancy? You also might have questions about your libido and why it’s so low…or so high, and whether that’s normal. Or why sex is painful, or getting an erection is so difficult. It’s not always easy to bring these topics up, and it may not be clear exactly what questions you should be asking about your sexual health. 

So how do you overcome your own hesitancy or embarrassment and start that conversation with your healthcare provider? That’s what we’re talking about today on this episode of ASHA’s Sex+Health podcast. To help us out with this conversation we have two sexual health experts—Martha Kempner and Logan Levkoff. 

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