How Randle General Hospital In Lagos Killed Our Two-month-old Twin Girl— Parents

A Nigerian man, Kelvin Dooyum Imbul, and his wife, Mimi Rufina Imbul, have taken to the social media to decry the alleged negligence of nurses at Randle General Hospital, Mother and Child Care unit, Gbaja Surulere, Lagos, which led to the death of their two-month-old twin girl, Zoe.

In a post on Instagram, the mother of the children, Mimi said she had gone to run a test on her child at the hospital on Friday, only to have her child killed. 

In tears, she said, “You will give me my baby, if not, you people will kill me in this hospital. You don’t know what I went through before I gave birth to these children.

“They are busy telling me that my BP (blood pressure) will rise. Which kind of life are we living in Nigeria? I begged this nurse yesterday, she sent me away. She said I was disturbing (her) too much.  I said ‘Madam, please call the doctor’. She said there was no doctor available at that time.”

She was seen telling other patients to go to another hospital.

The father of the child said, “We woke up on Wednesday morning and my wife said our baby wasn’t eating well again so we took her to the hospital. The doctor examined her and said she was ok but that they would run a blood test to confirm if there was an infection.

“Shortly after they took blood from her, my daughter cried for two hours nonstop. We called the attention of the doctor (to her) and they rushed her to the ER and placed her on oxygen.

“She was responding very well not until Friday; the doctor came in and asked my wife to breastfeed her because she was stable for breastfeeding. After she was breastfed, my baby started crying and my wife ran to the nurses to tell them to please come to check our daughter but instead, they sent her away, telling her she was disturbing them too much.

“My wife begged them with tears that please she could not understand her daughter but they neglected her. It was after the baby gave up and my wife started crying that they came to check her but by this time. she was far gone already.”

The couple claimed they met a dead baby on one of the beds and the nurses were not aware of that. 

“They didn’t know the baby was dead and the nurses were just here tapping (fiddling with) their phones,” the couple said.

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