How To Best Identify Vital Signs Slowing You Down.

Hi there, are you busy all the time, like me, thinking you can get things done, whenever and however you want? Well, news flash! your spirit might be willing all the time, but your body might be telling you something different. Try forming the habit of listening to the signs your body gives you because ignoring them can turn fatal. This is why we need to know how best to identify vital signs slowing us down.

The more mature we get in age, the weaker we become at times, but we tend to fight this reality. The simple truth is that there comes a time when we need to take things easy and slow down. This calls for a time to sit back and cut down on the amount of stress we go through. Therefore, in order to know when to slow down, we need to know some of the signs that come with age. Let us take a close look at these signs and learn how best, to deal with them.

Identifying vital signs slowing you down

Constantly Tired.

Getting constantly tired is a very bad sign. This is one of the vital signs that  slows you down.

This is one of the signs, we tend not to pay much attention to since we believe it’s a natural occurrence. The question that should arise, is how often do we experience these bouts of tiredness. If the answer to the question, “is too often”, then, there goes your warning sign. The body can actually take so much, but we tend to overwork ourselves most of the time.

Physical work is not the only way, we overuse ourselves, brain tasking is as tiring and exhausting as well. Most times, we do not know when to take a break from overstretching our brains. We even go to bed at night, with a lot on our minds, thinking of so many things. I bet some of us, still think in our dreams, how bad can it get. When we start feeling constantly tired, for no cogent reason, then, we ought to take a step back and think. This is a sure sign, that we need to relax and take things easy. There you go, one of the ways to know how best to identify vital signs slowing you down.

Becoming Less Focused

getting frustrated and becoming less focused is a vital sign slowing you down

The moment you start losing focus, feeling mentally drained and forgetful, you need to re-examine yourself. Otherwise, it may become a health issue, if ignored. Your ability to remain focused at every point in time, is of utmost importance, especially if you are a very active person. When we advance in age, we begin to gradually forget some things, because our memories grow older as well. This is one of the ways nature takes a toll on us and we have to respect it, by slowing down.

When our mental alertness starts getting foggy and has nothing to do with any medical condition, then it’s a wake-up call. Many of us keep going at the same speed, even after experiencing such. We think it will just go away, without addressing it. This is a sign, that you need to give yourself a break because, if it isn’t a vital one, then I don’t know what it is. When you start becoming less focused, for no reason, other than stress, then how to best identify vital signs slowing you down should no longer be a question.

More vital signs slowing you down. Mood Swings

Having a bout of mood swings is a vital sign slowing you down. You need to take things easy to avoid going into different kinds of mood swings

The ability to keep your sanity in check is measured by how well you can cope with and handle whatever life throws at you. There are times in life when we become inundated with so much stress and yet scale through it all. We are usually equal to the task and feel on top of our game at handling them. These are periods when we do not allow our emotions to get the best of us. Things seem to work out smoothly and normally goes according to plan and we tend to be on a fast lane all the time.

These facts, becloud us when we start noticing some signs of weakness and we struggle with them. We fail to realise that our bodies are giving us some vital signs to slow down and take things easy. Rather than respecting these signs, we tend to show our frustrations through constant mood swings. We become easily irritated and short-tempered, this gradually weakens our communication with others around us.

Less Motivated

Feeling sad and lacking motivation, makes you really exhausted. Being less motivated is another vital sign slowing you down

The moment you start feeling less motivated, especially about things that make you happy, then, you need to take a break. Motivation is one of the best attributes of a successful individual and is needed at all times. Therefore, when you find yourself becoming increasingly, uninterested in what ordinarily would make you feel great, then you must slow down.

Slowing down does not make you any less successful as some may want to think, it only helps you re-energize. We all must have felt at one point or another, the need to relax and slow down. The best thing you can do at this point is to help yourself regain your confidence. Otherwise, this can lead to depression and self-hate. Being less motivated is one of the vital signs slowing you down, which must be taken into account.

Falling ill Very Often

Woman lying on bed while blowing her nose. This is as a result of falling ill very often from working too hard and over stretching herself. This is a vital sign that slows you down.

It is bad enough that we are faced with the stress of achieving so many goals we set out for ourselves. Having to cope with them, as a result of falling ill constantly, can be exhausting. Other than for medical reasons, if we notice a persistent decline in our health, it should be a warning sign. There are some kinds of ailments, that medicines can’t just make disappear if we do not apply caution to our work strength.

So many people have lost their lives, just because they choose not to slow down. One question we fail to ask is, when you die in the process, what then, would you have gained. Therefore, the wise choice is to learn how to identify these vital signs, slowing you down in order to overcome them.

Have you ever at any point, felt the need to slow down? I definitely have and it has really helped me regain my sanity most of the time. I would recommend you do this every now and then, in order to stay at the top of your game. Please don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comment section below, share with your friends and families. Remember to also subscribe, to our blog, to be the first to get our latest publications. Follow us on all our social network platforms below. Let’s be friends on Facebook (, connect with us on Twitter (, follow us on Instagram ( and also on Pinterest (

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