How To Improve Your Relationship With Your Children

The relationship between parents and their children is meant to grow stronger as the years go by. The bond should be unbreakable no matter what, but it just so happens that, this isn’t the case always. There are some relationships that grow sour along the line, for so many reasons. The way parents choose to cater to their children, speak volumes of how the relationship with them will turn out. As a parent, you need to know how to improve your relationship with your children. These are the steps you can take to achieve this.

How to Improve Your Relationship With Your Children:

Spend Time Together

Learn to spend time with your children, in order to improve your relationship with them.

Many parents are too busy to spend quality time with their children, they are blinded with chasing their dreams. The moment you make the decision to have kids, it is no more you, but you and the kids. The more time spent with the children, the better your chances of improving the relationship you have with them. Children love getting attention from their parents a lot and if they don’t get it, they tend to become withdrawn and reserved to a fault. More parents these days spend too much time away from their kids causing a huge gap and void between them. It is bad when you cannot tell much about the character of your child, because of your constant absence. The more time you spend with your children, the more you are able to prepare them for the future.

Listen To Them

Listen to your children, so as to know them better. Listening to them, will help you improve the relationship you have with your children

One of the greatest mistakes we make as a parent is not listening enough to our children. I have learnt, with years of experience, that children, love to be listened to, no matter how irrelevant you may think what they have to say is. Always pay attention to them, as this helps to boost their self-confidence and gives them the feeling that they can always count on you. Listening to your children will help them open up more to you and let you into their world. You tend to learn more about your children and also be in a better position to understand their needs at every point in time. Learn not to be a dictator, in your home, hence you scare them and cause tension in the home. Listen more to your kids, this can help to improve your relationship with your children.

Be Their Friend

How to improve your relationship with your children.

A lot of parents set strict boundaries in the home, in order to keep their children in check. We lose the bond that is supposed to exist in the home, when we over-do it, thereby creating tension. That tension creates fear, instead of respect and casts a shadow of doubt in the children. A friend is who you want to share all your fears and worries with, who would be there for you, in good times as well as bad times. This and more is exactly who we want to be to our children. My children call me their best friend, even though they have friends of the same age group. This is so because I allow them into my world and in return, they do the same.

More Steps On How to Improve Your Relationship. Know Their Friends

Parents should make efforts to know who their children are friends with, as they progress in life. This will help you in so many ways, as the saying goes “show me your friend, and I will tell you who you are”. The type of people your children move around with can either repair or strain the relationship you have with them. Therefore, you have to make out time to get to know their friends, in order to know how to advise them whenever the need arises. Getting to know their friends, make them more comfortable, to have them around anytime you are home with them. This can surely help to improve your relationship with your children and heal any strain that may have been there.

Share Some Of Your Worries With Them.

Depending on the ages of your children, sharing some worries you may have with them is a good way to bond. This will make them understand, some of the struggles you have to go through in life as well. Children are very intelligent and can also act as a very good support system for their parent if we let them. It is okay to let them in at times, make them see our vulnerable side and learn that life is not a bed of roses. This will prompt so many questions in their hearts, help them feel our pains as parents. This can be a very emotional time, for both parties but surely will create a bond that can improve how you relate within the home.

Pray With Them

Teach your kids how to pray .

As parents, we need to teach our children how to pray always, as the power of prayers can never be over-emphasized. In doing this, you must always make out time to share prayers together as a family. There is an old saying that “a family that prays together, stays together”. This is a time when the parents have to teach the children the importance of being united in prayers. Learn to have prayer meetings and a time set aside for the family to share and learn the word of God. This bonding time can also improve your relationship with your children.

Further Steps on How to Improve The Relationship Between You and Your Children include the following;

Showing Love, Care And Attention To Your Spouse

Maintain a great relationship with your spouse. This will boost a healthy relationship in the home.

It is important that children in the home feel the love of peace and unity that exist between their parents. A home where there is any form of abuse can never be a breeding ground for any healthy relationship. The parents must be in one accord, for the children to be interested in forming any relationship let alone improving it. The lifestyle in the home must be worth emulating by the children.

Setting Boundaries

Setting boundaries must be done as early as possible in the course of nurturing your children. Many parents do not instil the necessary discipline in their children at the right time. They discover that, by the time they want to start, it would probably be a little too late. In order to improve your relationship with your children, let them understand that there are rules to be followed. Teach them morals and respect, that will guide them as they progress in life. The earlier you set boundaries, the better and healthier your relationship with them will become.

These are the various ways I feel you could explore, to improve the relationship between you and your kids. Feel free to share your thoughts and more ways, to go about this, in the comment section below. This will surely help parents out there, especially those struggling to maintain or improve the relationship they have with their children.

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