How To Know What Is Important In Relationships.

Is Love Enough?

How to tell what's important in a relationship

I love it when couples walk hand in hand in public, showing care and affection towards each other. I want to believe that I’m a very romantic person and can never get tired of hearing those words “I love you”. This gets me giddy and all fired up to stay in the mood. Love is a flame that lights up when two people who truly love themselves meet. The question however is, is love truly enough?. Once you become blinded by love, you forget that you also need to find out other things, on how to know what is important in relationships. There are so many relationships that are going sour every day. This is happening because people do not take out the time to understand what is important in relationships. They believe that all that is needed is love.

The level of understanding required to maintain a healthy relationship most times is simple, but we complicate issues for ourselves. There are some vital and important elements necessary for a relationship to prosper and flourish. The absence of these, cause friction and makes it almost impossible to enjoy a healthy relationship. It is necessary for you to fully understand what you want in a relationship before you dive into it. The moment you allow yourself to become carried away, for whatever reason, it becomes a recipe for disaster. It is safe to know what is important in relationships, before getting involved. Therefore, we’ll start by asking the following questions, as love is never enough.

Find out How to Know What Is Important In Relationships.

Reflect On these Questions.

  • Why are you going into this?
  • What are your intentions towards the other party?
  • Do you fully understand what you are walking into?
  • Do you know this person?
  • Will you find true happiness with this person?
  • Are you ready for this type of commitment?
  • Do you want or need this relationship?
  • Is this person worth your time? These are just a few out of the many questions, you need to consider, before making any commitment to a relationship. Many people do not care to examine themselves because of reasons best known to them. This, unfortunately, ends up in heartbreaks and sometimes causes depression. It is, therefore, necessary for us to take a close look at what is important in relationships.

How To Know What Is Important In Relationships Communication.

This is a key used in opening many doors to greater things in life. There must be a very good level of communication between two people for them to form a healthy relationship. The way and manner you choose to go about communication also play a major role. If you love a person and yet feels that you find it hard to pass your point across, then, there is a problem. This can result in mixed emotions, to the extent that you may be together, but yet feel far apart. There is no point in being in a relationship, with a person you can not fully have a heart to heart conversation with. When this is lacking, then there is no match and no point of being together. This is a wake-up call on how to know what is important in relationships.

Learn how to communicate properly, it is one of those things that are important in relationships.


The bedrock of any relationship is trust and it is safe to say that a relationship without trust, is as good as dead before even starting. It is the basic ingredient of a healthy relationship and a life-wire that holds the pieces of a relationship together. You have to be able to trust each other, for you to move forward in life. Trust can be built as the relationship progress, but in a case where it becomes hard, then a lot of work will need to be done.

Trust is an important element in any kind of relationship.

How To know What Is Important In Relationships. Understanding.

I have come to realise that when two people in a relationship, do not understand each other, they fall apart. You must understand your partner in the course of your relationship. Understanding makes you feel happy and at ease with your partner, even to the extent of feeling safe around them. There is a kind of healing of the body and mind, that comes with understanding yourselves. I, on the other hand, thinks, that wherever there is understanding, comes a genuine peace of mind. Imagine being with a person you hardly understand? how much more miserable, can it get? For you to immerse yourselves in relationships, you must know that understanding plays a major role. There are times, where you do not need to verbalize your words, before being understood and this is one of the beauties of a true and healthy relationship.

Understanding and Affection is a pathway on how to know what is important in relationships.


This is one of the things that is also needed to keep up the flame in a relationship. Affection is the expression of your feelings and emotion and this should flow naturally. You should be able to be affectionate towards each other, as often as possible. This act a sign of your re-assuring love for one another. Affection helps to strengthen the bond that exists and improve the overall health of any relationship.

Patience And Tolerance.

The combination of patience and tolerance is a recipe for a lovely relationship. I know it isn’t easy at times to be patient, but if you want a hitch free relationship, you must learn to be very patient and tolerant of each other. The act of practising patience has to be learned, it will gradually grow on you if you give it a chance. You must know that I have been in so many situations, where I almost lost my mind, but if not for patience, I don’t think I’ll be where I am today. I tell people that with my wealth of experience in marriage, if you are not ready to be patient, then you need to reconsider. It may take a while to see the results of patience and tolerance at times, but trust me, it is worth the trial.

Patience, Tolerance, Dedication and Maturity are all essential for a relationship to blossom. These are also ways, on how to know what is important in relationships

More On How To Know What Is Important In Relationships- Dedication & Maturity.

Yes I know right, I hear you loud and clear, this is necessary, for you to be able to grow. The maturity we are referring to here is not just in age but in thoughts and actions. No one wants to be with an immature person who you cannot relate and be on the same page with. To be able to take the relationship to the next level, you must be dedicated and this gives room for some degree of focus and attention.

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