How to Wear Your Tie With Sprezzatura Like a Stylish Italian

“A well-tied tie sets you apart from others and can easily distinguish you as a well-dressed gentleman. A Tie with Sprezzatura (Sprezzy tie) when rocked stylishly will certainly distinguish you as a Sartorial Enthusiast.” – Kobi O. Mbagwu

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Gentlemen, before we delve into this topic proper, I’ll like to state this fundamental Tie Rule clearly for the sake of those who are new to men’s fashion or gentlemen’s style (feel free to Tweet it):

In addition to the above rule, you should always add a dimple touch to your tie knot EVERY time, as this gives your Tie a snazzy look and makes you appear more dapper.

Tie With Sprezzatura

The above style rule must be strictly adhered to in all professional settings and when wearing business attires.

Now, it’s also important to note that the way you wear your tie can either be an expression of your individual style (e.g Tie with Sprezzatura as they call it in Italy) or as a functional accessory that is meant to complete a suit-shirt look in line with your dress code or the occasion.

Let’s define the term Sprezzatura.

What is Sprezzatura?


Sprezzatura ([sprettsaˈtuːra]) is an Italian word which is defined as “a certain nonchalance, so as to conceal all art and make whatever one does or says appear to be without effort and almost without any thought about it”. The Oxford English Dictionary also defines it as “studied carelessness” especially as a characteristic quality or style of art or literature.

Tie with Sprezzatura: This is when both the front and back blade of your tie are visible and overlapping, and can often extend past the waistband of the trousers. This trend originated in Italy (Pitti Uomo).

How to Wear Your Tie Like A Modern Gentleman (Without Sprezzatura)

When wearing your tie as a functional accessory to complement your suit-shirt look, the following rules should apply. Read – 10 Tie Rules For The Modern Gentleman.

Tie With SprezzaturaTie With Sprezzatura

How to Wear Your Tie With Sprezzatura Like a Stylish Italian 

When it comes to wearing your tie as an expression of your individual style, there are a lot of fashion-conscious gentlemen today, that often want a Sprezzatura feel with their tie. 

This could involve sometimes tucking in your tie (The Tie Tuck), arching your tie (The Arched Tie) or just letting it hang (i.e. intentionally allowing the back slim blade to extend pass your waistline and longer than the front wide blade of the tie).

Note that this is not acceptable in a conservative workplace or a typical office work settings (except for fashion-forward office) and is often considered by Italian Style Masters as The wrong-on-purpose way to knot up that’s totally cool with “us”. 


Tie Tuck With Sprezzatura

Tie Tuck (Sprezzatura)


Traditionally a tie is worn without an arch which means it rests entirely on the shirt placket. However, the ‘arched tie‘ sticks out from the collar at an angle. This is achieved with the use of a collar pin or simply by securing the shirt with a tie clip further down the shirt placket. It is a common technique often used to style a tie with sprezzatura when wearing a waistcoat.

Arched Tie with Sprezzatura

The Arched Tie



In some other cases, some fashion-forward gentlemen intentionally do not use the keeper loop in the back to secure the slimmer blade, so you see it peeping out. This way, it looks more casual and a little more nonchalant. 

Sprezzatura Tie

So the questions remain: Is this a wrong way of wearing your tie?

Now, for those that choose to wear their tie this way, this isn’t wrong or right if it’s an expression of their personal style. What matters most is that you do it consciously (not as a mistake or flaw) and that you can repeat the look every time with your dress code – i.e. with a Sprezzatura feel.

Here are a few Style Tips and some images for both illustration and style inspiration.

Style Tip No. 1:

For a stylish and casual nonchalance look –When adopting Sprezzatura on a dress down look, choose a knit tie. You should allow the back blade of your knit tie to fall behind the front, thereby allowing both ends to hang loose and separately to create the sprezzatura effect.

Tie With Sprezzatura

Style Tip No. 2:

You should always wear a Tie Dimple. If you still struggle with this, you should learn how to add that extra touch of elegance on your tie [the tie dimple] in order to stand out from the crowd as a Stylish Gentleman!

Tie With Sprezzatura

To learn how to easily nail the perfect tie dimple, check out our Tie Guide: 7 Classy and Unique Ways To Tie A Necktie and Achieve a Tie Dimple

Style Tip No. 3:

When rocking the sprezzy tie, it’s easy for people (who aren’t well informed) to look at you and say “This dude forgot to knot his necktie properly”.

Therefore, if you’ve chosen to go this route ( i.e. a relaxed but studied carelessness styling of your necktie), you should always do this consciously in such a way that people could easily tell that it’s not a mistake or a flaw.

This means the rest of your look—no matter how well-tailored—needs to feel a bit relaxed as well. Now I don’t mean baggy shirts and ill-fitting suits.

Also, you should be able to repeat this look every time with your outfit  (i.e. with a Sprezzatura feel).

tie with sprezzatura


And one final tip to remember if you’re going for the Tie with Sprezzatura look (especially if you are new to this style):

Go for trousers with a slightly higher rise. By so doing, even if the slimmer blade of your tie is below the waistband (the wrong-on-purpose way to knot the tie), the wider side should still hit the waistband (just as it should).

What’s your take on this subject? Do you wear your tie with Sprezzatura?

  • If YES – The Arched Tie, Tie Tuck or Dangling Tie – which is your go-to Tie with Sprezzatura style?
  • If NO – Is this something you are willing to try?

Drop me a message on the comment section below. Also, follow us on Instagram.

Until next time, continue to do well, live well and dress really well. Stay Classy, always!

Yours in Style,

Kobi O. Mbagwu (Mr. Kobi)
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