Huawei FreeLace Pro provides perfect wireless experience for the outdoors

The importance of finding the ideal earpiece cannot be understated, and the Huawei FreeLace Pro is one that fits the bill perfectly when it comes to people who enjoy an active lifestyle.

The neckband style wireless earbud provides a balanced experience which combines luxury with ease of use and adaptability. The first feature which stands out in the FreeLace Pro is its longevity and portability.

Huawei promises a battery life of nearly 24 hours, and the FreeLace Pro delivers excellently on that front. While using the advanced features on the device will cut across the battery life, the FreeLace Pro still manages to last nearly 15 hours on full maximization.

The premium aspect of the device is noticed strongly in the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and Awareness features. The ANC does fall short in certain surroundings, but it does manage to do its job more often than nought.

The feature worked seamlessly while travelling on planes and trains, with a big part of outside noises being cancelled out. However, it is Awareness mode which is the more appealing feature of the FreeLace Pro. The feature allows you to engage someone without taking off the earbuds, by amplifying external noises.

Free Lace 01

Both Active Noise Cancellation and Awareness modes can be activated by tapping the left earbud for a few seconds in succession. The right side of the neckband has the Power and Function buttons to navigate through calls and music.

The device bears a premium look with its design while also being able to do justice to the sound quality. The strong bass is noticeable in the FreeLace Pro which exceeds expectations when it comes to the sound quality generally seen in wireless earbuds.

Although the large size of the device could be a deterrent to some, you barely notice the lightweight neckband even while performing outdoor activities such as running or jogging. The FreeLace Pro certainly scores high marks with its wearability when someone is mobile. The buds fit nicely into the ears and rarely do they come off while doing something as strenuous as long distance running.

Free Lace 02

It is even easy to charge quickly, with the inbuilt USB-C connector chargeable through any USB-C charger or a mobile/PC with a USB-C port. Reverse charging the device through your smartphone for even five minutes gives it a healthy battery life to last hours.

This comfort of wear and portability make the FreeLace Pro a handy device for any active user, especially when combined with its formidable sound quality and intelligent features such as ANC and Awareness.

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