Iraq parades new South Korean-made armoured vehicles

The Iraqi armed forces displayed South Korean-made Promoter DAPC-2 4×4 armoured vehicles for the first time during the military parade on 6 January.

The parade in Baghdad’s heavily fortified Green Zone was held to mark the 100th anniversary of Army Day.

Formations of ground, air, and naval forces, as well as tanks and other military vehicles, marched in the parade, while formations of aircraft and helicopters flew overheads in Grand Festivities Square.


The annual military parade also included a recently delivered Promoter 4×4 armoured vehicles.

The Promoter DAPC-2 is an armored personnel carrier developed by South Korea’s Daeji P&I.  It is designed primarily for use by Police, SWAT, Special Response Teams, and law enforcement agencies.

The DAPC-2 vehicle offers superior protection levels up to STANAG 4569 and can be configured with a range of weapons platform options. The armored personnel carrier based on heavy-duty Ford F550 chassis.

Seating configuration can be customized, the standard configuration includes a driver, commander and seats for a crew of 8.

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