Jaleel Johnson “trashes” Vikings fans. Isn’t wrong.

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Everyone who spends time on Vikings Twitter knows that Vikings Twitter is just the worst. So, forgive me for not getting all up in arms about the recent “controversy” surrounding Vikings defensive lineman Jaleel Johnson.

What am I talking about?

Let’s let Heavy.com explain:

“Johnson shared a tweet from Los Angeles Chargers defensive back Desmond King, a former teammate from Iowa, saying “And to the Chargers fan I appreciate you too but the negativity and saying that I’m trash is uncalled for! God don’t like believe you will get yours.”

Johnson responded, “You should hear some of these Vikings fans lol. You a baller bruh. Eff em.”

Social media allows regular people to interact with people that you’d think they’d be excited to chat with. Instead, this amazing tool for networking and learning has been turned into a digital truck stop bathroom. 

Johnson clearly has received the brunt of that, which I can relate to as the majority of comments we receive from people aren’t of the “I slightly disagree, good work” variety. 

We’re actually launching our first app and rebranding as UFFda! Sports. That app will have one of a kind social media features for the discerning Minnesota sports fan. Let’s all try to remember that we all are here because we actually love the same team(s). 

So, try to be nice to the plAyers on those teams? It’s not as if Johnson is trying to not be a nose tackle. He’s doing his best, and deserves our support not some random bashing from people who don’t know the difference between a 4-3 and 3-4.

That reminds me… Comment below! 

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