Kim Vaillancourt asking for prayers as she stops brain cancer treatments

In a statement released Thursday night, the Vaillancourt family said the cancer is growing quickly and Kim doesn’t have much time left.

TONAWANDA, N.Y. — Kim Vaillancourt, a Town of Tonawanda wife and mother of six battling brain cancer, is asking for prayers after doctors found two new cancer growths on her brain and she has decided she no longer wants to continue with treatments.

2 On Your Side has been following Kim’s heroic journey since December of 2015, when she was first diagnosed glioblastoma, an aggressive and rare form of brain cancer. 

That diagnosis came just days after they adopted three young children. Kim and her husband Phil, who had two children of their own, were expecting their third child at the time of Kim’s diagnosis. She bravely choose to put off cancer treatments at the time to protect the health of her unborn child. Baby Wyatt was born healthy on April 8, 2016.

Upon her initial diagnosis, doctors thought Kim would only live one year, but she surpassed expectations and has lived the past five years, spending precious time with her family.

To watch original Vaillancourt story from February 2016, click here.

Now, in a statement the family posted Thursday night on Facebook, they said an MRI in November revealed two new spots on her brain. They have grown rapidly larger, and doctors say she doesn’t have much time left.

The family is thanking friends, family and strangers for their support and love, and asking for continued prayers. 

If you would like to help the family in additional ways, please donate to the family’s Go Fund Me page, or send meal gift cards and messages of support to family friend Jenna Koch (, 431 Adams St., Tonawanda, NY 14150.

Below is the Vaillancourt family’s full statement posted on the Stay Kim Strong Facebook page:

On November 4th Kim went in for a MRI that revealed two additional spots. After speaking with the doctor and her family Kim decided that she no longer wanted to continue treatments. She has enjoyed the last two months with family and friends, rest, holidays and no doctors appointments. 

Last week Kim’s headaches became a little more intense, her tolerance for noise became more extreme, she noticed swelling to the side of her face and changes in her vision that were also causing her a lot of pain. Her doctor had her go for a MRI on Saturday and called Monday with results. 

The MRI showed that the spots have grown rapidly larger,  and that she might start to notice additional deficits with where the tumors are growing. The doctor also addressed Kim’s timeline which doesn’t leave her much time left with us. 

Kim’s spirts are still good. She is sad to leave her family on earth but knows that God’s plan is bigger than anything we can see. She is at peace with going home to her eternal father. 

In light of Covid, we are setting up a little bit of a different style meal train for Kim and her family. If anything, we are asking for gift cards from restaurants, Grub Hub, Door Dash, Wegmans, etc.. Some of their favorite restaurants are Carrabba’s, Chipotle, Rachel’s, McDonald’s, Subway, Red Robin, Red Pepper and Fat Mans. Kim’s Go Fund me is also still active and will be posted below. 

I know during times like these people always want to know what they can do to help. Now, as always, the biggest ask is for prayers. Prayers for Kim and her family would be wonderful. 

Please include them below if you would like to share. Also any pictures that you have with Kim would be wonderful for everyone to see. 

As you can imagine this is heartbreaking news that we are sharing. Please respect the family as we spend as much time as we can with Kim. Please direct any questions about the Go Fund me or Covid style meal train to Jenna (

I just want to tell everyone from the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU so much for all the support you have shown our family over the last five years. We may not say it often, but we feel it with everything we do. You have helped to keep us very strong. 

Now let’s lift up those prayers for Kim! Kim we pray as you transition to be with your Heavenly Father that you remain with as little pain as possible. We pray that you feel how much you are so very loved. We pray that Phil and the kids are able to find comfort and spend wonderful quality time with you! We love you! 

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