LeBron James DOMINATES Collin Sexton, dropping 46 points on the Cavs, and Twitter uses this to clown the Nets, saying LeBron beat the “owner of the Brooklyn Nets,” Sexton + Too bad his block was a goaltend

LeBron James Collin Sexton 46

By Jay Rich
Hip-HopVibe.com Staff Writer

Led by Collin Sexton, the Cleveland Cavaliers have been better than most expected. Definitely, the Cavs were expected to add some wins, but they’re contending. This team beat the Brooklyn Nets twice, back-to-back.

Their consistent wins over Brooklyn have led to jokes about the “Big 3” Nets. Meanwhile, LeBron James, and the Lakers, have been taking care of business. His former Cavs are now led by Collin Sexton, and they have strong momentum.

LeBron James is aware of the hype Collin Sexton has surrounding him. Definitely, the wins over the Nets put him on the map. But, LeBron dominated Sexton, getting this huge block, which was ruled goaltending, but still worth the rewind, as he dropped 46 points, leading the Lakers to a win, over the Cavaliers, leading to Twitter clowning the Brooklyn Nets for taking two losses to this team.

Read the tweets about LeBron James and Collin Sexton below:

LeBron James Collin Sexton 46

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