Leo Compatibility In Love, Sex & Relationships

Leo is the most powerful and bold zodiac sign in astrology.

They’re forceful, mighty, loyal, confident, determined, courageous, and passionate. They set goals, achieve them, and then they set higher goals.

Leo Compatibility: Overview

For Leo, love compatibility requires a strong match who will be able to handle this Lion. Because Leos are so personable and charming, it can be easy to underestimate their power and achievement.

What makes someone a good or bad match for Leo?

The Leo personality is captivating and dynamic, and when they have something to say, people pay attention. While there are some introverted Leos, many are extroverts or a combination of the two.

Although they are comfortable in the spotlight, Leos definitely need alone time to decompress and distress. Their partners will have to support them from the side of the stage and be there to nurture them once the show is over.

Leos have a great deal of energy and are just as comfortable going to a fancy club as they are doing a marathon or an extended hike. They like to be around people and usually have friendly and outgoing personalities.

Some Leo traits include being fiercely loyal and protective, and they will go to great lengths to protect the people they love.

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An open minded personality.. fun to be with, because of my positive vibes. God fearing, for without God I am nothing.. Moved with compassion when dealing with you, not selfish or self-centered...

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