Lewis Could Potentially Kill Christian After Attacking Him At The Hospital

Lewis has killed Christian’s patients as a way of getting revenge for his wife’s death but will he succeed in killing the surgeon?

Unhinged and dangerous, Lewis will not stop until he has disposed of Christian. With Jasmine realising something isn’t right, she goes straight to Tori to tell her that something’s off. She has been feeling this way for a while but hasn’t been able to pin point anything until now. He has been mumbling about wanting to make the surgeon pay for the death of his pregnant wife. We know he’s been killing the doc’s patients and he also took out Ari when he was in a coma.

Recently, Christian was allowed to return to work after the medical board cleared him of wrongdoing. The surgeon’s relationship with Tori also suffered as a result given that the male nurse has been provoking him as witnessed by Jasmine.

What Lewis doesn’t want is Jasmine choosing Christian’s side over his. However, Tori chose his side when Christian punched him and told him to report her fiancée. However, the findings were not to his liking so he reports the doc to the police who then arrest him for assault.

In the triple episode last night, Christian is called into work early. Lewis tells Jasmine the night before that he’s going to call it a night early. Little does she realise, he actually went to the hospital and somehow knocks out the surgeon before dragging him into a room. We don’t actually him render his colleague unconscious.

What The Promo Shows

According to the promo for next week, Tori believes Jasmine and they go into the hospital in an attempt to stop Lewis. We also see the deranged nurse, tying Christian to a bed where he goes to inject him with the same drug that he almost used on Ari. We then see a heart monitor decline like someone dies. So, what happens next?

It’s going to be fascinating because there is nothing like a Summer Bay Psychopath. We’ve had plenty of them over the years and it would be nice to see a medical professional be such a person this time. Sure, there was Zoe McCallister actually known as Eve Jacobsen who ended up being a devout worshipper of Sarah Lewis who had been one of her patients and was in love with her. However, she killed the real Zoe and took her identity.

Then, there was Ebony Easton who targeted Colby after he killed her brother, Boyd. There’s been like a half dozen people who would kill without question. So, going back to Lewis, whether he gets caught before he does something to Christian is anyone guess. We’re going to be on the edge of our seats, that’s for sure.

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