Makwa Goes On Instagram Live To Demand Money From Artists That Haven’t Paid Him

Makwa Goes On Instagram Live To Demand Money From Artists That Haven’t Paid Him. Makwa is easily one of South Africa’s top producers and has contributed to plenty of South African chart topping hits. He has worked with the likes of AKA, Kwesta, Bucie and many more. After speaking out multiple times about being ill treated in the industry, he is not holding back on speaking out.

Makwa Reveals Why The Artists Under His Label Don't Have Contracts

The producer recently took to Instagram Live to demand money that is owed to him by artists that he has worked with in the industry. The star producer shared what he says is confidential information from SAMPRA (South African Music Performance Rights Association) that shows a list of the songs that he has worked on.

On the list of songs are only 8 songs with the artists being listed being DJ Maphorisa, Ms Cosmo, Kwesta, DJ PH, and amapiano duo MFR Souls. According to the confidential performance statement Makwa has only worked on these songs but in the video claims that the list should be even longer. He captioned the video, “Apparently these are all the songs I’ve produced in my entire career“.

Makwa has previously spoken out about being mistreated in the SA Hip Hop industry. He spoke about saying people who owe him are spending their money on expensive designer brand items like Gucci socks but are refusing to pay him money that is owed to him. Fans questioned Makwa’s rant asking him why he would give away the product before getting paid for the service.

Award winning rapper and producer pH Raw X stood up for Makwa and producers everywhere saying that Makwa should not be feeling like he has been mistreated in the industry. A hashtag circulated social media calling for all industry professionals to protect all producers including Makwa.

Check out the full Instagram Live video here:

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