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Liquid liners are my go-to. They’re quick and easy to use. Plus, liquid eyeliners never fail to give you a defined liner look, unlike pencil liners which give a softer, more natural finish. 

To master the liquid liner look, pick the right eyeliner. While the options are endless, such as gel and pencil liners, it’s best to go for the liquid variety to draw precise lines. Don’t forget to apply eye primer beforehand to help your liner last longer, especially if you have monolids. 

Are you ready to elevate your eye makeup look? Here are the best Korean eyeliners that can make you feel and look like a boss with one sharp flick.

CLIO Waterproof Pen Liner XP

If you’re still trying to get a hang of liquid eyeliner, start with CLIO’s Waterproof Pen Liner XP. The felt tip makes application a lot easier, and it gives you clean and precise lines every time. Thanks to its strong staying power, you won’t have to worry about  smudging during the day.

THE FACE SHOP Gold Collagen Liquid Liner

Have you ever used a liquid eyeliner with gold in its formula? It’s time to introduce Gold Collagen Liquid Liner from K-Beauty brand THE FACE SHOP to your makeup routine! In addition to gold, the formula is infused with collagen and royal jelly extracts that nourish dry skin around the eyes. If you’re after thin lines, this pick will not disappoint.

moonshot Line Performer Liquid

This liquid liner from moonshot is for those who can apply eyeliner like a pro. The quick-drying formula means you have to work fast before it completely dries. Grab the #01 Deep Black version for bolder looks and #02 Brown for a natural finish.

A’PIEU Born To Be Madproof Liquid Liner

The Born To Be Madproof Liquid Liner from A’PIEU features an ultra-fine tip that glides smoothly across your lids. This liquid liner makes it easy to achieve that sleek and sophisticated cat eye look. You can sweat but rest assured, this eyeliner won’t budge thanks to its waterproof formula!  

EGLIPS Hello Wonder Liner

Since natural makeup looks will likely be trending this year, EGLIPS’ Hello Wonder Liner is the perfect addition to your eye makeup collection. Shades #02 Deep Brown and #03 Soft Brown give you a more lived-in look, making them ideal for everyday wear. Its elastic brush tip also allows you to get to the inner corners of the eyes.

MERZY The First Pen Eyeliner

If you’re a beginner, use MERZY’s The First Pen Eyeliner to achieve a winged eyeliner look. With its super fine brush tip, you can apply either thin or bold lines, depending on the look you wish to achieve. This pen eyeliner delivers intense color in just one swipe! Your eyeliner won’t just look bold but also extra sharp all day. 

3CE Super Slim Pen Eye Liner 

Do you find it hard to master the liquid liner look? Leave it to 3CE’s Super Slim Pen Eye Eyeliner to deliver slick results. Thanks to its fine, ultra-slim tip, this pen eyeliner gives you the perfect cat flick. You won’t get any smudging or flaking with this one. 


UNNY CLUB Skinny S Art Liner

Fans of slim eyeliners will enjoy using UNNY CLUB’s Skinny S Art Liner. It allows you to draw ultra-sharp lines that won’t smudge all day or night. When you want to go bold, apply this in multiple thin strokes to achieve the desired look.

BLACK ROUGE Power Proof Pen Liner 

BLACK ROUGE’s Power Proof Pen Liner is exactly what you need if you’re still practicing your eyeliner application. This pen liner glides effortlessly across eyelids with zero dragging, and its pen-style applicator allows for precision when drawing lines. Ideal for sensitive skin, it’s formulated with camellia flower extract to strengthen the delicate eye areas.

KARADIUM Waterproof Eyeliner Pen

This eyeliner is waterproof, sweat-proof and even cry-proof! KARADIUM’s Waterproof Eyeliner Pen glides on lids like a dream and won’t give you smudged lines no matter what. It also has a quick-drying formula, so be prepared to apply fast and leave no room for mistakes! 

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