Masturbation Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Can Masturbation cause Erectile Dysfunction and harmful to you? (Solution provided)

Is masturbation harmful?

Too much of masturbation is definitely not good for health. I believe that most guys had a period of time when they like to masturbate. However, is doing too much of masturbation is harmful to your body?

Desire is a human nature and masturbation is a respond to our sexual desire. It is actually normal. However, too much of a good thing would bring negative result. It is the same in masturbation, it is not good for health. The sperm that released from your body is protein, and you are spending your protein at the wrong place. Consider this. If our body only received just enough of protein, but the protein wasn’t given to the body but was flushed into toilet bowl (at the end), what would happen to the body?

Too much of masturbation during puberty?

During puberty, our body requires more nutrition as we are growing. If the protein that supposed to be meant for the body’s growth and it is wasted due to the strong sexual desire, the consequence would be worse. In this case, the body could only utilize whatever is left for it for its growth, and when it past the puberty stage, it had passed the golden window for growth. One of the reason for strong sexual desire is the easy access to porn, and it contributed a lot to this problem.

Erectile Dysfunction

I asked many of my clients who are age between 20 to 40 and are having difficulties in having full erection, or having difficulty in erecting a long period of time. They all have a similar past, which was, you guess it right, they like to masturbate when they were young, and masturbated quite often.

Besides resulting in the loss of nutrition, there is another factor that would cause damage to the penis. Many guys are rough when they masturbate. They really use a lot of strength to their penis. Penis is actually like a sponge. Inside the sponge, there are a lot of nerves and blood vessels. If they are being rude with it for long term, it will cause damage when when the sponge is damaged, it can no longer fully erect, or erecting healthily.

How to cure erectile dysfunction using natural remedy.

Like what I had said just now, if the wrong was made during puberty, there is nothing we can do. If that person masturbate less during puberty, he might be 2-3cm taller today but the growth window had already passed and we cannot undo it.

Manhood Massage Therapy

What we can do now is to repair the damage done to the penis. If the sponge is damaged, it could be repaired by my manhood massage therapy, which is to make the blood flow smoothly to every organs of the penis (which is one of the most complicated in human body). When the blood carries enough of nutrition to all the organs, the organs will receive sufficient nutrition to repair themselves. Our body can heal ourselves, same as our sexual organs.

Tongkat Ali Supplement

Besides doing manhood massage therapy, consuming supplements is also a way to repair it too. Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia) is one of the best herbs that provides enough of nutrition to the penis to repair itself. Many of my clients who consumed it told me that they were waken up erection everyday, instead of alarm. Are you still having hard erection early in the morning now? If not, you should try Tongkat Ali, or you call it Longjack.

Erectile dysfunction is not a nail in the coffin. It is curable. Don’t give up. If you are interested to learn more about boosting your testosterone level, feel free to download my free e-book.

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