Menopause and Frigidity

Is menopause to be blamed for female sexual dysfunction or frigidity? What role does it play in this common problem?

First of all, it’s important to understand that frigidity is caused by a lot of things that both the woman and the man may not be aware of. To improve their sex lives, the couple should examine themselves both physically and mentally to rule out any underlying problem.

“Many factors of both physical and psychological origin can affect sexual response and performance. Injuries, such ailments as infections, and drugs of abuse are among the physical influences. Certain prescription medications, such as drugs to regulate blood cholesterol levels, may also affect sexual functioning. In addition, there is increasing evidence that chemicals and other environmental pollutants depress sexual function,” according to the Alternative Medicine Encyclopedia.

“As for psychological factors, sexual dysfunction may have roots in traumatic events such as rape or incest, guilt feelings, a poor self-image, depression, chronic fatigue, certain religious beliefs, or marital problems. Dysfunction is often associated with anxiety. If a man operates under the misconception that all sexual activity must lead to intercourse and to orgasm by his partner, he may consider the act a failure if his expectations are not met,” it added.

While it is true that one’s sexual capacity diminishes with age, there is no relation between frigidity and the onset of menopause or the change of life. In fact, a woman’s inability to bear children by that time may even increase her sex urge since there is no fear of pregnancy.

In “The Dictionary of Medical Folklore”, Carol Ann Rinzler said “the shrinkage of vaginal tissue” may make the sexual act “slightly more uncomfortable” but “women actually find sex after menopause more enjoyable.”

Since frigidity is caused by several factors, treatment lies in identifying those factors so they can be corrected. The best advice is given by Drs. Hannah M. Stone and Abraham Stone in their book, “A Marriage Manual”:

“It is especially important that the husband should acquire the knowledge and understanding, the delicacy and the skill, the ability and the art of arousing the sexual impulses of his wife and of finding the means of gratification which are most satisfactory in her individual case.

“As far as the wife is concerned, she must make every effort to obtain an insight into the nature of her disability, to recognize her deficiency, and to appreciate the importance of correcting it. The woman should be made to understand that a mutual sexual response is of paramount importance to marital harmony.”

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