Misconceptions about LARC

Another common concern is that a LARC will cause problems with your menstrual cycle, like excessive bleeding and spotting between cycles. While it’s true you may see some changes in your cycle, it will depend on the type of LARC you’re using.

For example, the hormonal IUD might make your periods lighter and less frequent—they might even stop altogether. You may also have less cramping. The copper IUD, on the other hand, might cause increased bleeding, especially in the first 3-6 months. But for many people, this gets better over time. With either type of IUD, a common complaint is occasional spotting between periods.

Spotting and irregular bleeding are also common side effects of the implant, at least for the first year. Some people have heavier bleeding while others may not have a period at all for a while. There’s no one standard, but expect some irregularities with your cycle.  You can learn more about spotting and irregular bleeding here.


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