My dads really protective of me because of times I’ve been burned in relationships in the past, but for once he likes my current boyfriend. : bisexual

So my dads always been very accepting of me being transgender and bi as long as I wasn’t weak mentally or physically. He grew up in a very rough neighborhood in Mexico before he ended up moving to Texas and marrying my mom, and says the world isn’t fair, so you have to be tough if you want to get ahead.

Well sadly, dating has been hard for me because of being transgender. Some girls don’t like it. Some guys don’t like it. And some you think were okay with it but ended up being a dealbreaker later.

Well I started dating a new guy who was very sweet and very kind and considerate about me being a Trans woman.

Well naturally my dad was suspicious of him and wanted to meet him.

Course my dad ended up liking him because my new boyfriend is a former Army ranger, studies martial arts, and is pretty much everything my dad loves in life. And well, I won’t go into great detail, but hes completely fine with me being trans in everyway.

We’ve been dating for about a year now which is longer than any of my relationships, so I have a good feeling about it.

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