New Zealand Tourism calls out influencers

Tourism New Zealand launched a campaign called ‘Travelling Under the Influence’ that aims to deter influencers from using tourist hotspots as photoshoot backdrops.

Roys Peak, New Zealand

The campaign wants to get influencers to rather show off parts of the country that aren’t necessarily popular tourist areas.

The campaign consists of a series of funny videos that poke fun at influencers and urges them to stop with the clichéd social media posts.

Comedian Thomas Sainsbury stars in the videos, traversing to popular spots, telling influencers ‘I’ve seen all this before.’

The hilarious campaign is designed to poke fun at the social media craze that is influencers and asking people to not ‘travel under the social influence’.

Take a look at the well thought out campaign below:


Image: Unsplash

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