Nota Reacts To Rumors About Kwesta Being Broke

Nota Reacts To Rumors About Kwesta Being Broke! Over the years, Nota has always sung Kwesta’s praises but the tune has since changed and he’s not mincing his words or keeping it a secret that their relationship has turned sour.

Earlier this year, Nota shed some light on where his relationship with Kwesta was saying, “You need to understand that in business, when you have a certain partnership and you’ve got a certain relationship it might work for the business period. We had an agreement, we saw out that agreement. That agreement does not behind us to be now family members or friends or anything else.

Back in April, Nota seemed to claim responsibility for Kwesta’s success whilst explaining why Kwesta couldn’t access his YouTube channel saying, “You have more than a million followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram thanks to me. A roof over your head and can feed your kids. Don’t thank me now but at least show some gratitude not brat-itude. I wasn’t paid for the blood, sweat and tears it took to build that!

A week later Kwesta was on MacG’s podcast where he fired back saying Nota had this idea that he was his artist. “I’m saying that under the pretenses at which things run, Nota has this idea that I’m his artist like he signed me and obviously that he made me and I’m saying that cause he’s obviously been saying that.”

And now the back and forth continues as Nota took to twitter reacting to unconfirmed rumors about Kwesta being broke. “Wow this is sad, please don’t laugh at my pain… At least he still has me to ensure he gets some royalties, I tried my best but I guess it wasn’t good enough,” Nota tweeted. He went on to share how he had bought Kwesta a SMEG toaster so that he would not “burn his bread” whilst he was using a SAFEWAY one at his house.

We’re not sure how this will end but it’s getting ugly between the former business partners.

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