Parents Need to Face the Culture Kids Experience

Violent electronic games are the preferred form of entertainment for people of all ages. In fact, one of the greatest challenges for parents and educators is to know how to guide children and young people in the use of different media.

Something similar happened in the 1980s. At that time, parents were concerned about the long journey of violence on television. Young people are the ones who most consume games with violent themes. I think we must pay careful attention to this fact. The question is whether the growth in the practice of aggressive acts by young people is linked to this excessive consumption of games. In other words, do they enhance antisocial behavior, and particularly violence, or not?

Today, violence is so common that we spend less and less time and thought on the problem. Of course, games are not the main cause. But it seems to me that they extol selfishness as superior to altruistic values, and so encouraging a culture of violence. Surely, you don’t see respect for people and life in that genre of games.

It doesn’t seem like a good thing to nurture the violent nature of some young people. Research published in 2018 by the United States National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) points to a correlation between exposure of children and young people to violent games and increased potential for physical aggression.

As a culture, we highly value entertainment. Far from being exposed to books and ideas, young people live close to the consoles. The technology allows them to play simultaneously with other “players” over the internet. Players believe they are part of a global community. But his involvement is not as active as it seems. Playing violent electronic games is not a challenging activity. On the contrary, it is a repetitive, escapist, empty activity. Worse still is the disinterest of most parents, who need to rethink study and leisure activities with their children.

Activities that do not allow the discussion of the ethical implications of the decisions made should be avoided. They should play other genres of commercial games, which focus on understanding and solving complex problems. There are good commercial games that provide fun and cognitive growth at the same time.

Parents and educators need to face the culture kids experience. They need to create a dialogue with kids. Adults need to be aware what influence younger persons these days and offer guidance. It’s fundamental to be aware of the cultural effects on children. Parents and teachers should use the novelties as a vehicle for sharing their values.

Source by Marco A. Bomfoco


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