Pat McAfee Compares Vince McMahon In His Ear During SmackDown To ‘The Actual Voice Of God’

Pat McAfee joined the SmackDown announce team as their color commentator, and that job comes with a lot of things. One part of a commentator’s gig involves hearing Vince McMahon barking orders during the show. This was a surreal experience for Pat McAfee.

During the Rich Eisen Show, McAfee called his new gig “insane.” He compared McMahon’s voice to “the actual voice of god” as he gave orders during the show. This is an experience that he might not have been ready for, but he adapted quickly to hearing McMahon.

So, I’m sitting next to Michael Cole and I have Vince McMahon dropping in my ear, like an actual voice of God. When you are a commentator with WWE — since it’s Vince’s company and he used to be a commentator — and he is still very hands-on.”

“If something has to change with the show, he will come in since the commentator are telling a story. Michael Cole is unbelievable at what he does because he has to direct and call.”

“This past Friday was my first time with Vince in the building, and all of a sudden — BOOM — the voice of God is there. I sat up and was like, ‘Here we go.’ I’m getting a chance to hear a billionaire’s brain spill through his mouth to my ear while talking about his product which has become a global phenomenon. It is the dumbest life of all time, I should not be here, but let’s enjoy the ride while we have it.”

It’s unclear how long Pat McAfee signed on for this role on SmackDown. He seems to be having a great time so far. He is also no stranger to getting involve in the action as he has proven in NXT.

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