Plug the Flow and Prevent Premature Ejaculation – Otherwise She May Cheat On You!

Performance in the bedroom is one of the biggest issues a man can think of. If his performance in the bedroom declines, often times so does his emotions and thoughts. Men have a huge linkage between how they perform and how they feel! If men start to form performance anxiety due to premature ejaculation, I urge you to get it treated before it becomes a stronghold that you cannot break free of. Believe it or not, there are a certain percentage of men that commit suicide due to the fact that they have premature ejaculation, or erectile dysfunction. We men have more riding on our penis, then most people can imagine. There are plenty of natural and long lasting solutions to both of these issues!

You see when men perform poorly or finish to quick their relationships also tend to suffer. In a recent survey over 71% of women mentioned not orgasming due to their lover finishing too fast! Women get very frustrated with this and of course the relationship suffers. Sometimes this even leads to a break up or cheating. Not good.

Men, I know this is a very difficult thing to deal with. However, premature ejaculation is a very real health problem. If you have it, you know this. The bad news is many men have created this problem for themselves. Well their masturbation habits with a little of mother nature. Men when young masturbate as quickly as possible to avoid getting caught. Nature endows us with quick ejaculatory reflexes to give us the best chance to plant our seed. These two things combined often spells disaster in the bedroom.

After disaster strikes a few times, men will usually look for answers. I was there. I know that I tried creams, gels, lotions, special condoms…really anything I could find. The truth is there is no quick fix. However, there is a fix. It really just comes down to doing some really effective exercises to control your ejaculation. To name a few we have:

  1. The start – stop method
  2. The easy clean up button
  3. The clincher

These all simply have to do with working the PC muscle. It is the muscle that essentially would control or stop the flow of urine. It also controls ejaculation. To see if yours is weak, see if you can stop your urine midstream. If you cannot stop it right away the PC muscle needs toning. You may want to just stop the flow of urine a few times every chance you have to urinate. This is a good way to start learning how to control this muscle.

Like I said this is a start. There are so many exercises and natural things you can learn that will help you stop premature ejaculation. Just start to work the urine flow and see how that goes. That is really just the start however. When you advance past this a couple of days, come back to this article and check it out again. Below I have something even better for you.

Source by Mike J Kennedy


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