Politics, new charging systems, and a rush to EV subsidies

Plugged In is The Driven’s weekly wrap up of what happened in the last seven days in the local EV industry and community.

This week we saw further proof that Australia wants and needs the transition from diesel to clean transport, state government defends ‘world’s worse EV policy’, and a change in Tesla’s partnership with Bitcoin.

First of all there was this. It wasn’t about Australia particularly, but policy makers should take note.

By 2030, it won’t make sense to own a petrol or diesel car

The acceleration of the transition to clean transport will see carmakers left with no alternative but to embrace it. The UK, Japan, Denmark and Washington have moved forward its ban for ICE from 2030, with other countries looking to ban fossil fuel vehicle sales from as early as 2025.

ACT minister hits out at states planning “extraordinary” taxes on electric vehicles

The Australian government continues to struggle to embrace zero emissions transport. Energy minister Shane Rattenbury called on state governments to abandon plans to slug electric vehicles with new taxes, as the VIC governments EV tax proposal gets labelled as the “world’s worse EV policy”.

Victoria gets more than 400 registrations for electric vehicle rebate in first week

Victoria’s electric vehicle subsidy incentive recieved strong interest following critisicm of its proposed EV tax, which is more than half of Victoria’s EV sales in 2019, showing consumer and manufacturers interest in transitioning to electic vehicles.

Queensland parliament embraces EVs with three onsite chargers

Palaszczuk government welcomes three new electric vehicle charging station, says are a step towards ensuring the state legislature is prepared for an electric vehicle future.

 Senate dumps on Victoria EV tax plan, but opposes move to cancel revenues

The Australian Greens proposed legislation that was designed to nullify the ability of State governments to impose new taxes on electric vehicles gets opposed by federal senate commitee that condemned EV tax proposol.

Australian driving team breaks hydrogen vehicle distance record in Nexo

Australian Brendan Reeves breaks distance record for a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle on a single tank, driving an average of 66.9km/hr from Melbourne to Broken Hill in a Hyundai Nexo.

Nissan Leaf owners could start feeding energy into grid by end of year

Owners of Nissan Leaf EVs could start using their car batteries to feed back into the grid and power their homes as early as the end of the year.

Battery giant Sonnen launches electric vehicle subscription service in Australia

Sonnen jumps into Australia’s EV subscription market, offering sonnenBatterie customers the choice of six vehicles, including Tesla Model 3.

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