Physical pain and the suffering of famine have blackened a world beautiful and lush with life. What is the meaning of a world where while some laugh with joy others experience unfathomable hurt? It is like a celestial joke where laughter and suffering dwell together. I remember as a kid taking turns playing chicken with a firecracker; he who held the firecracker too long would dance a chaotic dance and howl a violent song–in the end we grew up to be adults and went off to war.

America was forged out of war; our economy is based on war–we are the number one supplier of war materials and provocateur of violence throughout the world. When there is not war, America declares war on the world vowing to destroy the God-given herbs that make life bearable. This war on drugs, as it is called, has taken that which is natural and turned it into something evil.

The idea that sex is bad comes directly out of our 2000 years of Roman debauchery–a historic effort in search of a universal man-made moral behavior; in their democracy the weak and the unrepresented were to be exploited while the aberrant minority was to be marginalized. This axiom of fearing the unusual was extended to the earth where certain herbs had the uncanny effect of stilling pain and reviving the hungry.

Pornography, heroin and cocaine have a similar effect upon the average human being–giving life, taking away pain, and bringing out the hidden inner strength of the individual. If heroin was freely distributed without interference from governments, Afghanistan would be a thriving country wealthy beyond imaginings–people will give a lot to be free of pain. If Cocaine was available, oil would be South America’s second largest export; famine could be eradicated throughout the world using cocaine as the initial thrust to strengthen the suffering populous while awaiting food. Pornography has not yet been banned, just reviled and yet pornography has ancient roots in helping people understand and deal with strange urges.

It seems obvious, God prepared these things for the human being to soothe the mind, strengthen the heart and help alleviate the difficulty of defining one’s own sexuality. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with sex, drugs or rock and roll. Anything taken to an excess is dangerous, but government intervention is patently malicious.

This wholly organic panacea of pornography, heroin and cocaine has been categorized as unsavory and morally corrupt by those who would replace it with abstinence, hypocrisy and their own rendition of herbal remedy: cocaine, which the elderly use to sip in their tonic until prohibition came along, has been replaced by Coca Cola and instead of an organic drug like heroin to kill pain we have OxyCotin–but there is not enough of OxyCotin to go around so the price from the pharmacy to alleviate pain is kept high and only the rich can get it. Get it?

Meanwhile, the exploitation of women and child continues unabated while the war on drugs has become a vast network distributing government drug money to those willing to pimp government policies; pornorganics has been born through government intervention into the lives of people who have been pushed to the brink by this immoral high ground.

Source by Dovid Krafchow


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