Pros and Cons of Dating Cougars

Much has been known recently about dating cougars and there is indeed an undeniable growth in number for couples aspiring to achieve the same status as most celebrities have. These types of women have also been popularized by the hit TV show “Sex and the City”, which helps to inspire middle aged women to gain power and confidence about themselves. And whatever your own personal rules to dating are, men will have a lot more to learn about how to date a cougar and ensure that both of you will have a fun relationship, whether it be lasting or momentary only.

Pros of Cougar-Hood

Most women go through a cougar phase in their life but it can vary from one individual to another. However, there are a lot of wonderful opportunities that can be experienced by women, and men especially when they date a cougar. At its core, cougars are not really in it for marriage or settling down. She is too powerful to be tied down; although it is not directly shut off for the waves might steer off from the original intentions.

Sexually speaking, women achieve their sexual peak 15 years later than men. Thus, one can therefore conclude that 40-year old women can still be at the same peak as most 25-year old males are. But it is important for women to date younger guys because this is what you intend to do and not merely to regain your level of confidence. In addition, look at this beyond the sexual experience and understand the benefits you can gain from this shared life experience.

Cons of Cougar-Hood

As you will learn below, the cougar phase is not suitable for all types of women. Dating cougars still attach to them a lot of negative connotations and might earn ridicule from the public. This is a social stereotype that still needs to be shattered such that more people can understand at the shared life experience between both individuals, regardless of the age difference.

Important Tips for Cougars

Before you enter into the dating arena as an official cougar yourself, women must understand the following tips to better handle the situation:

*If you are the type of women who can handle occasional raised eyebrow or stares here and there, then you should be fine with being a cougar. But if you are more of a weak heart, then you might have to reconsider your options first to ensure whether it is worth taking the risk.

*If you have figured out that you are all fine about dating younger men, how about your family and friends? Since they are a huge part of your life, it is important to consider them in your dating life to nurture a loving and healthy relationship.

*Be aware of potential issues that might arise when dating younger men. It is better advised for a woman to look at the long term effects over current fling. But in the end, all of it depends on your own individual priorities.

*Keep an open mind. This is the only way for you to enjoy your dating experience with men as a cougar so you can enjoy more out of your life!

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