Relationships Advise to Ladies, Who Fall in Love for a day and Give Him Sex |


You met him on facebook.
You checked his profile picture.
He is handsome.
You liked his profile picture.
He invited you.
You replied excitedly.
You’ll want to hook up.
You set a date.
You dress up in your legging with no underwear.
You are smelling good.
You wear your make-up, fresh breath and new weave.
He takes you for lunch @ a luxuries place.
He asks you for a drink.
You have good time.
He makes you laugh.
He makes you feel special and different.
He rubs your hands.
Gives you looks and smiles.
It feels like you have known him forever.
You stupidily fall in love.
He takes you to his apartment.
He makes you feel comfortable and lays you on his bed.
Kisses you passionately.
You love his aggression, power and strength and you give in.
It feels good.
You know it’s wrong but it feels and you are enjoying it.
He is going slowly.
You are feeling it on it’s way in.
You ask for protection.
He says it’s to late.
You feel you should not interrupt the sweetness.
You obey and not disturb.
He says he loves you and you don’t hesitate to say you love him too. He hits it nice and slow.
You love with every in and out.
It feels good.
After he is done, he goes to the kitchen to get a glass of water.
He helps you drink it. Ooooohhhh man.
You feel special.
He is the one. You think to yourself.
You dress up.
He takes you to a taxi park and says
I love you.
He kisses you on your forehead and gives you some cash.
You reply
see you tomorrow babe.
He stays silent.
Your taxi drives away.
In the taxi, you can’t stop smiling.
You get home and you inbox him that you got home safe.
He is online but doesn’t reply.
You wonder why.
So you inbox him again.
He doesn’t respond.
Minutes later, you can’t find him on your friend list.


Days, weeks, months passes by.
You start feeling sick, weak, lose weight, act strange with sores in your mouth. You go to the clinic.
Get tested
Minutes later.
Nurses comes and says.
Am sorry, you are HIV positive and pregnant at the same time.

You ask yourself.
You don’t understand.
Reality hits you the hard way.
You walk home.
Get to the bus stop.
You are
Don’t know what to do.
You lay, hopelessly, emotionless.
You See death coming nearer.
You regret everything but its too late.
You look into the sky.
You say a silent prayer.
That’s the end of you.
DON’T be that girl!!!!
Live well!!
Stop chasing material things at the expense of your life.
Stop chasing sponsors.
Be the girl you want your daughter to be!!!


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