Researchers Just Compiled the Ultimate Playlist of Songs That Will Give You Chills

For a new study, researchers at Queen Mary University of London dug into what kind of music gives you the chills. Scientists call this feeling “frisson,” but you probably know it as a shiver and accompanying goosebumps that makes you feel just a little more alive. 

As Quartz reports in their in-depth writeup of the study, other researchers have looked into why some songs have this effect before without really nailing down a single reason. The latest effort to understand the phenomenon compiled a massive list of more than 700 songs that previous studies have identified as chills-inducing and then used computers to analyze what set these tunes apart from songs of similar popularity and genre. 

On average, the chills-inducing songs were “sadder, slower, less intense, and more instrumental than matched tracks,” according to the team, and also “more sophisticated,” which they defined as “relaxing, quiet, nondanceable, slow, nonelectric, and instrumental.”

But perhaps in this case a listen is worth a thousand words, so why not jump straight to the list of chills-inducing music itself? Quartz did us all the massive favor of compiling all 700+ songs into a massive more than 24-hour long, classical heavy playlist. But if you’re looking for a more trimmed down, modern version to get you started, here’s a sample 25 tunes: 

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