Ron Stoppable And The Sudden Change Of Religion Between Episodes

We’ve been doing a jump down memory lane with the first episode of Kim Possible. Her best friend (later boyfriend) Ron Stoppable is who we’re going to be talking about…

Kim Possible was a massive staple within out childhood. Who didn’t love the adventures of the teenage cheerleader and kooky best friend of a sidekick, Ron Stoppable. The reason we’re writing this is because we were watching part of the ‘series premiere’ entitled Crush. We noticed something that we hadn’t before.

In the episode, Kim and Ron are sent to Japan to protect a video game factory from Doctor Drakken and his henchwoman, Shego. Stoppable mentions that the hottest game of the holiday is what the villains might be after.

Almost instantly, Ron exclaims “Drakken’s going to steal Christmas!” Kim rebuffs him. As they enter the factory they argue about before the hero is forced to give up.

The reason we bring this up is because in later episodes, Ron is revealed to be Jewish so he wouldn’t celebrate Christmas unless one of his parents does. So, that brings us to the reason for our post.

Was Ron’s religious preference retconned?

When Ron’s Religion Change Is Introduced

Given the way the show was released, it’s hard to determine where in the story the retcon would’ve happened. The episodes were aired out of sequence and were placed on Disney+ in another order beginning with which begins with Crush which, chronologically, is the 13th episode of the series.

From what we can find, Ron’s potential religious retcon came in the episode Ron the Man which was part of Season 1 as the 20th episode of the overall series.

It should be noted that the actual first episode of the series is Tick-Tick-Tick which was produced as the original premiere. All these episodes can be viewed in order if you look up a guide for the series.

What Could’ve Happened?

There might’ve been a slight hiccup when the episodes were written. It mightn’t been decided until later that Ron would be Jewish which would’ve been around the time that ‘Ron the Man’ was right.

It’s also been established in-universe that Ron’s dad is Jewish which is why he himself. However, it is unclear whether his mother is of the same faith.

From research we’ve done, a child who is Jewish normally becomes so through their mother as evident in the Arrowverse’s Kane family.

Something else that might’ve happened is it was always established that Ron was Jewish. It’s possible they threw the Christmas comment in because they didn’t know what his mother’s religion was going to be. Also, they may have chosen not to address it.

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