Sebastian(Edited by Ayo Famurewa)

 Sebastian calls you every night to give you excuses of traffic. 

The first rule in Lagos is to be careful when you drive along Ikeja axis; 

Sebastian always takes that route to buy you suya mixed with Garlic,

But You know he is a Marriage Offender isn’t that tragic?

Yes, he had Good looks when he approached you in your final year,

a lot of vices he had, but you ignored because he had a balanced hair,

trying to ring up his phone, “Hello, Sebastian, are you there?”

And it responds, “The number you are trying to reach is with his mistress; please hold or try again if you care.”

At 11:45 pm, Sebastian enters with his tired gears,

Sebastian says exhaustively, “Honey, the traffic was crazy; I cannot wish for you to be there.”

You yell, “You are cheating on me right, Is that even fair?”

“Lora what are you saying,i had only a few couple of beers”.

The next morning, you wake up to a spritz of perfume new to your scents,

Something seductive yet ‘homme’

Then you heard a faint whisper of “we still meet today.”

You think to yourself, ”it is not work-related or why is he sounding erotic today”.

Neither is it his only friend; Edwin, he has not been in town Since last Tuesday”

You become very suspicious and jealous,

that you walk silently towards the bathroom door to eavesdrop on his conversation later that evening,

You silently run back to the bed, pretending to be asleep but your heart is shivering,

as soon as you heard approaching steps  towards the door you shut your eyes tight the tears are creeping,

The door opens; Sebastian picks up his tote bag and leaves the vicinity.

You think to yourself again that 

”He left  for work without any kisses,

He left  for work like a bachelor who is in a hurry to visit,

He left for work like I don’t exist.

He left for work like I don’t amount to him or his feelings”.

The tears then turn to a smirk,

You hold your head up high,

You silently walk out of the room,

And you spot him petting Max the Dog, Like a wife.

You silently walk into the kitchen,

Pick up a knife, walk silently behind him like a loving wife

And with three steps away from him 

You give him a stab at the back

And you smile, “Cheating bastard Rot in Hell with its might”.

His phone beeps with a message 

You take it out of his pocket,

“I hope your wife will not find out? meet us at Louis Hotel, Room 85, 10:00pm”

You are convinced that your act is reasonable and right.

So confident, even your mother will be in support with a smile.

At 9’o Clock, you take a drive,

Zoom off in your SUV to the destination in your mind,

Heading straight to the hotel room you open the door about to take out your knife,

“Surprise,” shouts your family with a smile and a laugh

You then realize the mistress was just an illusion in your mind.

Sebastian has been planning a surprise Birthday with your sisters and your Aunt.

Explanations of the recent late-night arrivals and the whispers becomes clear in your mind,

The new perfume was to smell good today.

I guess he was bad at keeping that a secret.

The jealousy got to you so good,

that you put Sebastian to bed in the Fridge, freezing away with his headless body and a knife at his back.

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