Seven Workwear Essentials That Your Work Wardrobe Needs.

workwear essentials -Cassie Daves wearing a white shirt and reading glasses

My Workwear Essentials.

Figuring out what to wear to work can be quite the chore. Especially if you’re trying to bridge the gap between being maintaining your personal style and still adhering to dress codes.  If you work in a corporate environment, this might be all too familiar for you. When I started my 9 – 5, I didn’t have the  most appropriate work wear wardrobe, and I knew that start with the basics – workwear essentials to build one.

For me, the key to having a wardrobe that works will always be about finding basics/essentials that you can continually build your looks on.

In this post, I’ll be sharing some of my personal workwear essentials that helped me get my work wardrobe in order and how I’ve styled them.

Let’s dig in.

1. White Shirt.Cassie Daves wearing a white shirt and reading glasseswork style essential -Cassie Daves wearing a white shirt and floral skirt

I think the white shirt is the OG of all shirts, and one of the most classic items in the wardrobe. Especially as a workwear essential, it’s such a versatile piece that can be styled in so many ways to create different looks. You can layer it in a dress, can wear it on its own tucked into smart bottoms, or tucked out. I personally love the oversized fit, as it adds an extra oomph to a look.

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2. Black Pants.

Blogger Cassie Daves in a blue wrap top and black pants - workwear essentials Blogger Cassie Daves in all black outfit - workwear essentials

Whether in full length, tapered or cropped vintage style, black pants are a wardrobe must have. This is a no brainer. I own a pair of black oversized cropped pants and it is one of my favorite things to wear to work. 

I’ve styled it on the blog here and here.

3. Turtle Neck Tops.Cassie Daves Nigerian blogger in turtle neck and skirt outfit - workwear essentialsworkwear essentials - Cassie Daves Nigerian blogger in turtle neck and skirt outfit

Turtle necks might not seem like a workwear essential at first glance, but they are absolutely important and come in handy if you’re looking for a stylish twist to your outfits. Like the white shirt, it can also be layered or worn on its own.  I need one in every color, that’s how much I love turtle necks.

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4. Jumpers/Sweaters.

Cassie Daves Nigerian blogger in blue sweater holding the steal like an artist bookCassie Daves Nigerian blogger in blue sweater holding the steal like an artist book

I never really thought of sweaters as a fashion piece or wardrobe essential till I started my recent 9 – 5. Thankfully I’ve seen the light and now realize that sweater fashion is indeed a thing and sweaters can be paired in stylish ways to complete a look. You can transform a classic sweater into a fashionable piece for work by layering a shirt underneath it.

For more sweater fashion inspiration, check out this post

5. Pleat Skirts.

am personally not a fan of pencil skirts, so for my workwear essentials, pleated midi skirts have a higher priority than pencil skirts. Pleat skirts are a great alternative to the classic straight skirt, and an easy way to create a stylish outfit for work.

You can pair it with a sweater, a cute top, or even throw a blazer over it if you’re feeling super formal.

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6.  Blazers.

Of course, a workwear essentials post can not be complete without any mention of blazers. When you think work style, you think “blazers”. Or at least, that’s what happens with me.

I currently don’t have the largest selection of blazers, and I really need to fix up in this regard. The right blazer will elevate any look – I like mine slightly oversized. A black blazer, red blazer, and plaid blazers should ideally be the first colors you get.

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7. Block Heels.topshop gold block heels slippersCassie Daves wearing white blocked heels

Block heels are my current Achilles heels. Pun intended.   Stilettos are good and fine, but if you’re looking for functional, stylish, and comfortable heeled shoes for work – block heels are your best bet!.

I especially love low block heeled sling backs. I think that it doesn’t get any more classic than slingback heels – they are functional, yet still super stylish.

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Another thing that I consider important is the shift dress. Shift dresses are life savers, and my go-to for days when I can’t really be arsed about dressing up.


What are your workwear essentials? I’d love to hear! Also, how will you describe your work style ? Share, comment and let’s connect!


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