Sex Positions to Get Pregnant With Either Baby Gender

If you’re trying to conceive, conventional wisdom will tell you to use deep penetration with a pillow propped underneath your hips at a certain fertile time of the month and to cap off the process with your legs elevated for up to twenty minutes.  This process is meant to place the sperm as close as possible to the egg, giving it less time to become compromised and deteriorated.  This is good advice is you want a boy baby, but bad advice if you want a girl.  In this article, I’ll explain how and which sexual positions increase your chances of becoming pregnant with the gender that you want.

It All Comes Down To The Race For The Egg: The reason that sexual positions come into play is because, in order to get pregnant, your egg must be successfully fertilized with a vital, healthy, X or Y sperm chromosome.  An X chromosome will get you a son and a Y chromosome will get you a daughter. However, several things can delay or keep this process from happening. 

To get pregnant, you’ll need to conceive at the right time.  And, to get the gender that you want, you’ll need to conceive in the right way.  X and Y sperm behave like polar opposites.  The boy sperm are fast and puny and the girl sperm are slow but strong.  This is important to remember as you are putting together your conception regimen.  Sexual positions are an important part of this regimen because the positions that you use will either place the sperm closer or further away from the egg – giving the different sperm chromosomes an entirely different experience (and a better chance) of producing a male or female baby.

Why Shallow Penetration Favors A Girl Baby: X sperm can live for days without being compromised.  So, it’s advisable to conceive in the early part of your fertility window if you want a female baby.  The X sperm can afford to wait around and shallow sexual positions work well for this by placing sperm further away from it’s final destination.

Examples of applicable positions are the traditional missionary style, spooning, and female on top using control and being conscious of what is trying to be achieved.

Why Deep Penetration Is More Likely To Produce A Boy: Again, the Y sperm are very vulnerable to just about bad thing that can happen to them.  That’s why it’s advisable to conceive a boy on the day of ovulation – because these guys can’t afford to wait. Using deep penetration will give them a quicker trip and will ensure that they don’t have that far to travel.

Examples of these are rear entry and a variation of the missionary style with the woman’s legs greatly elevated to create an upward angle.  Either of these can be helped by placing a pillow underneath your hips.

Other Steps Are Necessary:  In order to have the best odds of success (and if you do everything correctly, the success rate can be over 90%), you’ll need to get your timing right.  You’ll need a reliable way to predict your ovulation to accomplish this.  I like saliva predictors as they are cheap, reliable, and reusable. Again, early conception for a girl and late conception for a boy.

You’ll also need to know what kind of environment that the sperm reaches once it enters your reproductive tract.  It can be either acidic or alkaline. An acidic environment can mean the end of boy sperm, while an alkaline PH is much more friendly to them. So, if you want a daughter, you’ll want to raise your PH.  And, if you want a son, you will need to lower it (often dramatically.)

There are tools to make this easier. You can test yourself with PH strips.  And, you can make the changes that are needed to lower or raise by eating a low or high PH diet and / or by douching with solutions based on how high or how low you were (recipes are often available).  What really takes the guess work out of this is continuing to test as you incorporate the diet and the douching.  You can see how quickly this is all working and when you are at the level you need to conceive the gender that you want (using the correction positions, of course.)

Source by Sandy Dean


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