Sexual Seduction and Christian Dressing


Seduction is to make someone want to do something by making it very attractive and interesting to the person. Sexual seduction is to persuade or entice someone to desire having sex with the other by doing things which makes sex appealing and desirable. There is a relationship between sexual seduction and dressing, which every Christian must know. It is an established fact that some things can engineer sexual desire especially among unbelievers. It was the show of the nakedness of Bathsheba that enticed David to adultery.

Sexual lust is also induced and people who are promiscuous have been using nakedness to lure careless ones to unwholesome lustful desires. This is the same as using pornographic films, magazines or dresses to display acts and images which make people sexually excited. A true Christian must desist from all such things. It is a terrible offence before God to desire to see other people’s nakedness except that of your spouse Gen 2:25). Only insane people walk the streets naked without any feeling of shame, because their understanding is darkened (1st Samuel 16:7)

When the purpose of a thing is unknown, the abuse is inevitable. God was the first to dress man when man was not well-dressed (Gen 3:21). The primary purpose of dress is to cover nakedness. Some dresses that are only good for bedrooms are now worn – on our streets. The design of such dresses does not accomplish the real purpose of dressing. These same things were condemned by God through Prophet Isaiah. Commercial sex workers are known with certain dressing styles to boost their trade but it is unfortunate that many have taken to such forms of dressing in the name of modernization. This has led to sexual harassment of many youths. There is a strong relationship between what we see and what we think. Our dressing must not induce unrighteous thoughts in others that see us, especially unbelievers (Isaiah 3:16-24).

The thought and desire for adultery in itself is a sin and whoever is responsible for it too is not guiltless before God. Jesus taught that woe is the man or woman who causes another person to sin. Why should we as Christian lure others into the sin we preach against because we want to be free to wear what we like? A lot of modern dressing styles are so sexually seductive that many Christians have become partakers of other men’s sins without knowing, by wearing them in public places. Topless, sleeveless, spags, body hugs, and miniskirts are few examples of dresses that could be sexually provocative (1st Corinthians 8:8-9).

Finally, God is concerned about what people say about you because you are His representative on earth. It is not correct to do things as long as it pleases you without thinking of the consequences on others looking at you. Even Christ did not give room for the ungodly in His time to say evil about him. He obeyed their laws even when it was not necessary (Matthew 17:24-27).

We should not forget that the prince of this world, the accuser of the brethren, is watching to see offences in us to use against us. We must set a godly limit to our liberty in dressing and teach our children to do same.

Conclusively, the Christian life is not about living to please self but living for Christ and to the glory of God. It is our duty to do all things to bring others to light. We must not indulge in things which make our Gospel questionable (1st Corinthians 8:12-13).

Source by Adeyeye Kayode Brian


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