Share your views about the third rail of Volusia politics: beach driving

When I told my lovely wife, Joni, that I planned to write about beach driving this week, she suggested I move my truck from the front of our house to the back.

More:Beach driving advocates see an opening with election of new Volusia County chair

She was joking. Or maybe not. Beach driving is truly a third-rail issue in Volusia County.  

But heated issue or not, beach driving is likely destined to become a debated issue in the county in 2021.

New County Chair Jeff Brower is a longtime beach driving advocate who recently told News-Journal reporter Mary Helen Moore that he plans to work to increase the amount of beach on which cars can be driven. Brower is closely affiliated with the group Sons of the Beach, the beach driving advocacy group whose members strongly supported his campaign for county chair. It will be surprising if beach driving doesn’t rise as an issue before the County Council.

It will be surprising if beach driving doesn't rise as an issue before the Volusia County Council this year.

So, I think now is a good time to ask readers to share their thoughts about beach driving with The News-Journal.

First, some disclosure of my own views on beach driving.

I’m almost entirely neutral on the subject. I don’t mind people driving on the beach. I’m also OK with people not driving on the beach. I can see how it might help the local economy, and I can see how it might hurt the economy.

When I moved to Daytona Beach nearly 11 years ago, one of the first things I did was take my truck down to the beach for a little drive. I drove onto the beach at the Harvard Avenue approach, and then drove south all the way to the beach exit by the Plaza Hotel, a distance of about 2 1/2 miles.    

I’d never driven on a beach until then. My recollection is that the drive was fun, but by the end of it the novelty had worn off. I think that since then, I’ve driven on the beach one other time, for about 30 yards before parking. 

I do go to the beach, and quite often this time of year. When it’s low tide, and the wind is down, there is no better place to go for a run or a walk than on the hard-packed sandy beaches of Volusia County. I just don’t drive onto the beach to do that. That’s not a political statement; it’s merely a personal preference.

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