Sheffield’s Dogging Community Goes Green

Dogging sex is an adult activity that takes place in the outdoors, usually at car-parks or public parks. The city of Sheffield in England has many beautiful ‘hotspots’ that are loved by the swingers community and also taken care off in their effort to go green. You can also make a difference to the environment while having no-strings sex, just follow the example of the horny adults in Sheffield.

You don’t hear often that a City in England with a population of 534,500 people cares about things like Carbon footprint and climate change. It’s true about Sheffield also known as the largest village in England with more trees per person than any other city in Europe. What’s even more surprising is that the Sheffield swingers’ community is known for their green ways. These adults, who engage in adult activities like dogging, semi-public outdoor sex, adhere to a very strict etiquette that respects their fellow sex partners and the environment. That’s great news for everyone as 61 percent of the city is green space!

Most people think that they can’t do anything about the environment and things like global warming. What they don’t know is that consumers in Sheffield have an 11 percent impact on the area’s carbon footprint. Even a simple act like having sex outdoors can influence your surroundings and that’s why you need to follow the example of the swingers community in this city. What you shouldn’t do is treat the outdoors like your private bedroom and through around garbage like used condoms, beer bottles, cigarettes and wet wipes. Leaving your car on, while you are engaging in dogging sex is also bad for plants and trees.

You won’t find any members of the Sheffield swinging or dogging community litter or damage their beautiful surroundings. Even though the temperate drop during the winter the horny adults frequent the dogging hotspots in full force during the warmest months of July and August. It’s during this time when you can study their social behavior and see that they love the beautiful attractions like the Winter Garden and peace garden just like all the other town folk.

In other parts of the country people might only focus on the sex and forget about mother nature but if you live close to the many parks like Graves Park, Millhouses Park, Endcliffe Park or even Heeley City Farm then you can’t help but notice the bigger picture. It looks like the adults of this attractive England city has been rewarded for their good behavior as the Botanical Gardens have been improved and can now be enjoyed by all. The swingers community is blessed with dogging hotspot that is close by the 5 rivers in Sheffield and a few that is located on a hillside with spectacular views of the countryside and city centre.

Source by Irene Gubareva


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