STDs in the City

During the shows six year history all of the female stars of Sex and the City, bar Carrie, received an STD scare at some point in the show’s six seasons. So what can we learn from these scares and how will they can help us to prepare for an upcoming STD panel test.

Charlotte’s Scares

#1 – Crabs

Amazingly it’s Charlotte who’s the first female character in Sex and the City to receive an STD scare. As the most prudish of the foursome she seems the least likely to catch anything, however you don’t need to be reckless like Samantha to catch an STD and taking part in unprotected sex just once is enough to put you at risk. When Charlotte lies about her age to seduce a much younger man she comes down with a case of the crabs. This episode teaches us that you don’t need to undertake an STD panel to treat crabs and they can be treated with a lotion purchased directly from the chemist. Samantha washes Charlotte’s sheets on an extra hot wash as crabs can be caught and spread through infested bedclothes and towels.

#2 – A Rash Down There

When Charlotte spots a rash on her genitals she is reluctant to take an STD panel or visit her usual gynaecologist. Many people feel the same way and choose to take an STD panel at a surgery that is different to their usual, especially if they have been with their same gynaecologist for a while. When Charlotte finally plucks up the courage to go she discovers that her rash is the symptom of a depressed vagina. The moral of this tale is that what you think is an STD may not actually be a STD and until you get yourself tested there’s no way of telling for sure.

Miranda’s Scare

#1 – Chlamydia

In the episode entitled ‘Are We Sluts?’ Miranda receives a positive STD panel result for Chlamydia. The clinic advises her to contact all her recent sexual partners and encourage them to get tested. One of the people she asks to get tested is her current partner, Steve. At first Steve is reluctant as he doesn’t have any symptoms, but Miranda explains to him that Chlamydia often has no symptoms in men. Miranda is right and for this reason many people refer to Chlamydia as ‘The Silent Disease’. After an STD panel test, Steve is lucky enough to test negative for the STD.

Although Miranda was diagnosed with Chlamydia the fact that she tested for and treated it early meant she had a lower chance of catching any of the problems associated with Chlamydia. If Chlamydia is left untreated it can result in problems such as infertility and ectopic pregnancy. However, the birth of Brady in season four shows that Miranda was lucky enough to avoid these complications.


#1 – The AIDS Test

Samantha may be known for her sexual exploits but she leaves her friends shocked when she reveals that she’s never had an AIDS test. In fact, she’s only thinking about having a test as Tom Reymi refuses to sleep with her until she’s had one. She reveals that the main reason she hasn’t taken the STD panel is because she’s afraid of what the results may be. This is actually a fairly common reason and, as portrayed in the episode, counselling is in most states an integral part of the AIDS Test procedure. Samantha was luckily enough to receive a negative result and at the end of the episode she celebrated this fact by taking a swing with Mr Reymi.

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