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Style Analysis

#1: SPEZZATO (also known as The Broken Suit)

This is an advanced sartorial technique that involves mixing the jacket from one suit with the pants of another suit and choosing the right colour combination. Spezzato is an art, it is really a fun and creative way to see what sort of combinations you can pull off from the contents of your wardrobe. To successfully pull off the Broken Suit style, the fit, colour, and suit pattern must be considered.



DB Suits are statement pieces that speak volumes. It is advisable to wear them on days where you want to make a bold statement with your suit. Most importantly, it’s advisable to always wear the DB Suit jacket buttoned.

The gentleman wore a Navy-Blue DB suit jacket (unbuttoned), paired with a mustard yellow turtleneck sweater and light brown pants. Great Spezzato styling.


Now, the gentleman combined the Spezzato with Sprezzatura by masterfully mixing mismatched suit and pants (Spezzato), choosing the right colour combination and then bringing a certain nonchalance attitude to the DB Jacket styling by leaving it unbuttoned (Sprezzatura).

By doing so, he concealed all “the art” and made his outfit styling appear to be without effort and almost as if he never thought about it.


Let’s break down this styling:

  • Buttoning: Traditionally, the DB suit jacket is not designed to be worn unbuttoned, it usually looks off when worn this way. However, if you choose to dress it down for a casual feel, there are a few rules to look out for to achieve this without stress – one of which is the fit of the DB Jacket and the styling concept you are trying to create.
  • The gentleman left his DB suit button showing off his nicely layered turtle neck for a stylish sprezzatura effect.
  • The Mustard yellow was a perfect choice giving a laid-back but also seriously stylish look. The well-tailored light brown pants with quarter-break length and cuffed hems served as the foundation colour of the whole outfit creating a perfect balance to the sharp yellow colour.


  • The chocolate brown Oxford was a worthy addition to the look and topping it off with black socks that complement his dress pants and suit jacket.
  • The accessorizing was simple but well put together to blend with the sharp colour of the outfit.
  • He also wore a classy gold chain wristwatch to complement his turtleneck.


Although a paisley patterned pocket square with a touch of yellow and with a casually sophisticated folding style such as The Puff Fold or The Rose Fold would add that extra touch of elegance to this styling.

Well done gentleman, you showed off your impeccable taste in this dapper mix of Spezzato and Sprezzatura style!


How would you rate this look?

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