Taking from PBTA to 5e — Experience and pc relationships

Hi all I’m looking for a couple of things and I need your help! I’d like to introduce the above-mentioned two things from PbtA games into my current 5e campaign game.

Experience – A month or so ago I found a post that included a set of boxes to track experience based on different requierements, but I just cannot find it. This was geared toward emulating PbtA experience into 5e. The number of boxes increased every few levels and the requierements were based on the three basic pillars of dnd. I’m getting kinda bored of the threshold system I’ve been using son far and I couldn’t care less for tracking combat/encounter experience and balancing. I find the box tracking interesting and actually good in engaging players. I’m planning on introducing this after they reach lvl 3 which to me is the end of the tutorial 5e stage.

Social relationships – for this I have no idea where to start, but I’d like to introduce something similar to intimacy moves (not sexually related), favours in urban shadows or help/hurt in city of mist. Something that actually encourages players to have personal scenes with other PC’s or NPC’s, possibly tying it to the xp box tracker.

Any suggestions are welcomed!

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