Taurus Compatibility In Love, Sex & Relationships

Studying your own zodiac sign is a good way to learn all the details about the type of person who makes a great partner for you. And when it comes to Taurus compatibility, the kind of person they attract should be no surprise.

Taurus Compatibility: Overview

In astrology, Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of romantic love and beauty. But did you also know that the planet Venus is associated with financial wealth?

Taurus is associated with the Second House in the zodiac chart, which rules all the earthly pleasures: wealth, property, sensuality, and physical boundaries.

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What makes someone a good or bad match for a Taurus?

Taurus is stubborn and possessive, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. They’re driven to protect their property and their loved ones. If luxury and security are important to you, you couldn’t ask for a better partner.

Taurus loves to collect beautiful things, to invest in the future, and to share everything with the people they love most. And their ideal match would have these qualities in common.

Taurus Compatibility With Each Of The 12 Zodiac Signs

If you’ve already got someone in mind, or if you’re wondering what type of person you should be focusing on, here’s how your zodiac sign measures up.

Taurus and Aries

Love: The Taurus/Aries couple might take a little while to get used to each other, but once they get comfortable, they’re a fantastic couple.

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