Texas And Mississippi Are Dropping Their Mask Mandates, What Does That Mean For Travel?

Texas And Mississippi Are Dropping Their Mask Mandates, What Does That Mean For Travel?

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves is lifting mask mandates in the state and allowing businesses to operate at full capacity starting Wednesday. Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced that capacity restrictions on businesses and mask requirements will be lifted next Wednesday.

The short answer is this means very little for travel including travel to, from, and in states where state and local mask and other requirements are lifting.

Some restaurants and bars will be packed if you travel to Texas and Mississippi. Of course that was already true because enforcement of capacity restrictions was uneven at best. Some restaurants and bars will allow patrons to go unmasked while moving around away from their tables. But many will continue some elements of current practices.

Destinations that remove mask mandates first are most likely places that were largely open already. Of course everyone has to find their own comfort level, I’m happy visiting restaurants for instance with outdoor patios where I’m not packed in close to other patrons.

The Texas order allows counties to impose their own restrictions if Covid cases take up 15% of available hospital beds for a week consecutively. We’ll know soon enough whether this was too early, but Governor Abbott in Texas likely needed something to recover politically from the major power and water outages of last month and the Governor of Mississippi was able to jump in line lifting his state’s requirements before Texas’s were actually lifted.

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