The 20 Best Riding Boots For The Horse Girl In All Of Us – Editorialist

Fashion has always been unpredictable, you only need to look at masterful designers such as Alexander McQueen and Karl Lagerfeld to know this. However, recent months have brought about the most unlikely style moments. From ugly shoes to Hermès scrunchies, it’s apparent that the obscurity sewed into fashion is now bursting at the seams (if that was even possible), with many of us struggling to keep up with the changing trajectory of trends—TikTok please let us sleep. And, now there’s a new trend in town. Cultivated with luxury leather, structured with a small heel, riding boots have become this season’s most versatile boot. Get in loser, we’re going riding.

Popular in the sandy stables frequented by 19th-century aristocrats, and the preferred footwear of polo players, riding boots have long been lauded for their sophisticated though pragmatic appeal. Devised of three key design principles (a low heel, a high shaft, and a sturdy toe), the esteemed boots promise comfort and durability, qualities admired today by the Duchess of Cambridge. While contemporary fashion has changed a lot over the decades, the riding boot hasn’t; it has withstood the test of time. Now the simple shoe is being called to the center stage once more, ready to stake its claim for a prize ribbon. With many contemporary iterations now available, from Off-white to Tod’s, this trend is easy to incorporate into your wardrobe, and can be used to create an elevated or dressed-down effect depending on the occasion.

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