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LEATHER MAN is the new Superhero movie coming soon to save you from 2020!

The Leather Man movie is in Pre-productions and working together with the American heart Association.

The movie will start shooting on December in Los Angeles.  Some A list celebrities are rumored to be very interested on this project.

The Director Joss gomez has been doing interviews about the movie and his experience with his heart attack.

We will bring you more info about the pre-productions and behind the scenes exclusive footage soon!

The Production company  has over 85 years of combined experience producing feature films, music videos and corporate projects. In addition, the company has relationships with key personnel throughout the industry who will be available to fll important roles on an as needed basis.

Superhero movies right now are the most important and watched movies for the last 10 years making billions of dollars and this will only increase in the next years, the message regarding heart attacks and heart health will give us the opportunity to reach and inform more people in the world, also due to the current situation in our country (USA) immigration, discrimination, government division, crime, weather control, etc. would grow extra interest, viewers and fans!

The Leather Man is a contemporary story that will take the viewer on an emotional, sometimes heart wrenching ride through the life of an underdog, a regular man who becomes a Hero despite having all odds against him and despite having an almost deadly heart attack. You will witness firsthand the struggles that the Hero faces to overcome a violent, crime ridden environment and believe there is no escape, but thanks to hard work, determination and work team the Hero and the regular people will make a big change for their city. While the characters in this movie are overwhelmed by violence, obstacles, and discrimination, they also demonstrate that true friendship, true love, team work, motivation and a will to change to make the world a better place.

The Leather Man Movie would touch and try to educate people about the number one killer cause in the world, no, is not murders, no natural disasters, no war, but heart attacks! Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women and more than 610,000 people die of heart disease in the United States every year. Our goal is to make a difference showing this harsh real fact of our society and show what can be done to avoid more deaths and to show that there is a life after a heart attack too.

The story of Maximiliano an underdog regular office worker who had a simple normal life living in the city of Los Angeles and who after being hit by life changing events, including being discriminated for being a minority, being bullied, experiencing the kidnaping of his sister and suffering a heart attack realizes that times have changed and now is time for him to change, as the real heroes like Superman, Batman and Iron Man are nowhere to be seen because they are fighting out of this world villains. Max promises his mother and his best friend Adrian that he will not rest until he finds his sister Brenda.

Max’s main mission is to find his sister who works for the evil, heartless and corrupt Governor who is causing chaos and mayhem in the city; Max believes Brenda was kidnapped because she knows top secret information about a plan to destroy the city killing millions of people. Now he needs to stops him too!

He recruits and puts together a unique and amazing team of remarkable characters with special skills becoming the fingers of the hand all part of each other, starting with “Goldie” a beautiful blond who is a waitress and a singer who has the looks and can fight too, “Bear” big and strong funny and crazy a club doorman former UFC fighter who had animosity with Max, “Chino” a martial arts expert who works as a sushi chef in a Beverly Hills resto, together with Ken and Geek. They will join Max because they all have suffered discrimination, racism or a violent crime and want to do something to make the city a better place for everyone.


There are some of our friends and actors who we already talked to and are interested on being part of this movie!


We have several companies interested in distribution already and that would not be a problem at all! also great soundtrack with amazing talented musicians and the best special effects, gadgets and suits!

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