This WhatsApp auto-responder will tell your contacts you’ve changed messaging services

In January, WhatsApp introduced its new privacy policy through a pop-up to its users. The changed policy, which aims to create leeway for better business communication and data exchange between Facebook apps, drew a lot of criticism.

After delaying the rollout a few times, the policy will finally come into effect on May 15. If you choose not to accept it, WhatsApp will slowly take away core functionalities such as accessing the chat list.

If you’re someone who’s moving on to Signal, Telegram, Session, or any other app, you need to tell your friends about that. While you may be able to message some of them individually, it might be hard to do it for all people on your contact list.

That’s where Watomatic comes in. It’s an open-sourced Android app that automatically responds to your WhatsApp messages with a custom text indicating that you’ve switched to another app.

Here’s how it works: once you install the app on your Android phone and give it notification access, it’ll reply to all messages you receive with a pre-defined text. You can change this text to whatever you want. Plus, you can choose to exclude group chats from getting overwhelmed with these responses.


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