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(1) He beat up a student while substitute teaching.

(2) He spent the whole day rambling about his insane beliefs (“suicide, sex, masturbation, God and the Bible”).

(3) Students recorded him. The STAR has the videos.…

(4) ‘At one point, Samsel tells the student, “You’re about ready to anger me and get the wrath of God. Do you believe me when I tell you that God has been speaking to me?” He then pushes him, and the student runs to the other side of the classroom. “You should run and scream.”’

(5) ‘“Class, you have permission to kick him in the balls.”’

(6) Tells students about “a sophomore who’s tried killing himself three times” b/c he has 2 moms.

(6A) “He’s a foster kid. His alternatives in life were having no parents or foster care parents who are gay,” Samsel tells students. “How do you think I’m going to feel if he commits suicide? Awful.”

(7) “make babies. Who likes making babies? That feels good, doesn’t it? Procreate … You haven’t masturbated? Don’t answer that question….God already knows.”

(8) LATER: “Every little bit of it [was planned]. That’s right. The kids and I planned ALL this to SEND A MESSAGE about art, mental health, teenage suicide, how we treat our educators and one another. To who? Parents. And grandparents. And all of Wellsville,” he posted.

(9) “Are you doing the Lord’s work as you’re listening to the devil’s music?”

(10) “You were not following — not my rules — God’s rules right now,” he tells the student. “You better take a Bible.”

(11) He made 2 males students run a lap while holding hands as punishment. “Do you think we want to do this? No, we had a lesson to do. Is it kind of funny? Yeah. Are they ever going to learn? God only knows.”

(12) The best part? HE’S A LAWYER. “Samsel … is in his second term in the House, where he’s occasionally courted controversy. In February, he was one of just 13 lawmakers to vote against a bill that would have ended an exemption for spouses from the state’s sexual battery law.”

Absolutely insane.

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