Tips on Maintaining Hard Erection

A good, healthy and hard erection is important to fully enjoy the pleasures of sexual intercourse. Sometimes it so happens that you have an erection but as soon to start the intercourse, erection is lost. This is mostly because of the anxiety and pressure you would have taken as soon the sex has started. We have complied some natural tips for you to enjoy your sexual intercourse.

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to attain and maintain an erection adequate for sexual intercourse. Various vitamins, exercises, sex boosting medications and erectile dysfunction drugs are recommended by medical practitioners to regain hard erection and to overcome this condition.

What you need

The most important nutrient for overall sexual health is Zinc. Zinc is vital for a number of functions. It enhances the production of testosterones. Testosterone is the male hormone that is required for sexual development and potency. You must include food that is rich in Zinc in your daily diet routine.

Rich sources of Zinc

· Oysters

· Shellfish

· Brewer’s yeast

· Wheat germ

· Wheat bran

· Pine nuts

· Pecan nuts

Natural vitamins for erectile dysfunction

Vitamin C is usually recommended at 1000mg. Vitamin C supplement should be taken two to three times a day. It reduces cholesterol content in the blood and increase the flow of blood to various body organs. One of the major reasons of an erectile dysfunction is a poor or less flow of blood to the penis. Vitamin C, as it reduces the cholesterol content, corrects the erectile dysfunction problem caused by poor blood circulation.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant and another natural supplement that helps in resolving erectile dysfunction and improves sexual experience. Using Vitamin E supplement is a great choice.

Vitamin B complex is needed for many functions including energy and protein metabolism, hormone function, blood circulation, healthy nerves and stamina. ED (Erectile dysfunction) sufferers usually lack this important vitamin as well. This vitamin should also be added to a daily diet plan, off course, after consulting a doctor.

High cholesterol clogs the arteries and blocks the blood circulation and supply to the penis. Try to reduce the animal fat intake in your diet. Controlling cholesterol is not only important for sexual health, it is also very important for your heart. Most of the heart problems occur due to an increased ratio of cholesterol in blood.

Start taking a 15 minutes walk, cleaning the garage or mow the lawn. Whatever method you like, you need to slowly and gradually start exercising. Make it a part of your daily routine. Start slow so that it becomes a part of you and you will start to enjoy it.

There are certain medicines that are recommended by doctors to regain hard erection. You can always buy these erectile dysfunction drugs with a consultation of your doctor. Taking medicines is for those who can’t exercise and can not make a proper diet plan. Medicines should not be your first priority, try some nutritious food with rich Zinc, Iron and Vitamins. Give some time to your health, start working out, do some exercise daily. This the best practice for the treatment of, not only sexual dysfunctions, but for any health concern.

Source by Dr. Zubair Mehdi


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