Tom Brady Kids: Gisele Bundchen, Bridget Moynahan Children, Family

Whether you’re a fan of him or not, there’s no doubt Tom Brady’s kids are some of the cutest in the NFL. Brady, who holds the record for the most Super Bowl wins in NFL history, is the quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and shares three kids with his wife Gisele Bündchen and his ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan.

Moynahan, an actress best known for her role on Blue Bloods, dated Brady from 2004 to 2006. Moynahan’s representative confirmed their split to People, telling the magazine that the two broke up “amicably.” “[They] amicably ended their three-year relationship several weeks ago. We ask for your respect and consideration of their privacy,” the statement read. That same year, Brady started dating Bündchen, a Victoria’s Secret angel at the time, whom a mutual friend introduced him to on a blind date. “I knew right way–the first time I saw him,” the model told Vanity Fair in 2009, describing Brady’s “beautiful, charismatic smile” and how they talked for three hours.

A few months into Bündchen and Brady’s relationship, Moynahan announced that she was pregnant with Brady’s baby. She gave birth to their son, John Edward Thomas Moynahan, in August 2007. Two years after his first child’s birth, Brady married Bündchen in a small wedding at St. Monica Catholic Church in Santa Monica, California. The two had a second wedding in Costa Rica a few months later. Bündchen and Brady welcomed their first child together, a son named Benjamin Rein, in 2009. Their second child, a daughter named Vivian Lake, was born in 2012.

In her interview with Vanity Fair, Bündchen opened up about the moment she learned that Moynahan was pregnant with Brady’s child. “In the beginning you’re living this romantic fantasy; you’re thinking, this can’t be true, it’s so good,” she said at the time. “And then, whoops—wake-up call! We were dating two and a half months when he found out, and it was a very challenging situation. Obviously, in the beginning, it’s not the ideal thing.” The model went on to reveal that she considered leaving Brady due to the situation. “You question at times–‘Should I stay here? Maybe you should work this out,’” she said.

However, as time went on, Brady, Bündchen and Moynahan found a way to make their family work. A source told Page Six in February 2021 that Moynahan and Bündchen now talk about as often as Brady and his ex. “Tom and I made a decision to raise a child together and we both found partners that not only supported us in raising that child, but also loved our child as if he was their own,” Moynahan told People in 2019. “I don’t think you can ask for more than that. My son is surrounded by love.”

So that’s Bündchen, Brady and Moynahan’s relationship in a nutshell. To find out more about Tom Brady’s kids—John, Benjamin and Vivian—read on. Their family couldn’t get any cuter.

John “Jack” Moynahan

Born: August 22, 2007

Jack, whose full name is John Edward Thomas Moynahan, is Brady’s first child and the only kid he shares with his ex-girlfriend, Bridget Moynahan. Brady’s wife, Gisele Bündchen, calls Jack her “bonus son.” In an interview with More magazine in 2011, Moynahan revealed that Brady wasn’t in the delivery room with her when she gave birth. “He was there on that day and came in afterwards. He certainly wasn’t holding my hand while I pushed,” she said.

A source told People in 2020 that Brady’s eldest son “loves football” and has already taken an interest in playing. “Tom and Jack are super tight,” the source said. “He loves football. Tom’s very active with him. He’s always spotted out with him. Parents have seen him playing football in the schoolyard with Jack and his classmates.”

In an interview on The Howard Stern Show in 2020, Brady opened up about whether he would want his children to be athletes like him. “I would never want for them to be ‘Tom Brady’s son’ playing football. I don’t like that at all,” he said. “But from a team, camaraderie, discipline, I think there’s something about contact sports that teaches you a lot about discipline, respect, mutual respect for your opponent that you don’t get in non-contact sports.”

Benjamin Brady

Born: December 8, 2009

Benjamin, whose is nicknamed Benny, is Brady’s second son and his first child with Bündchen. In an interview with Men’s Health in 2019, Brady said it was “hard” when Benny, whose full name is Benjamin Rein Brady, told him that he isn’t interested in sports, unlike his half-brother, Jack. “He wants to try hard, and he never wants to disappoint his dad,” Brady said. “Gisele kept saying to me, ‘Would you effing understand that your son is different? The reality is that Benny just likes different things. And it’s great because now I just have to go do what he wants to do. When we do that, we have the best time. He’s like, ‘OMG, Dad, you’re so funny.’ He loves joking, and I joke back.”

In an Instagram post for Benny’s 9th birthday in 2018, Brady described his middle child as a “beautiful, loving, sweet son.” “Our sweet Benny, 9 years ago you were born and what a blessing you have been. You are such a beautiful, loving, sweet son that we always knew you would be!” he wrote. “We are lucky parents to have you in our life and you always put a smile on everyone’s face when you are around! First present is some bigger boxing gloves because I can’t take those shots anymore! 🤣❤️💯”

Vivian Brady

Born: December 5, 2012

Vivian’s full name is Vivian Lake Brady. She is Brady’s only daughter and his second child with Bündchen. Vivian, who’s been described as Bündchen look-alike, recreated her model mom’s Vogue cover in January 2021. In an Instagram post shared by the model, Vivian posed on a horse exactly like her mom did for Vogue when she was 20 years old. In December 2020, Brady wished his daughter a happy 8th birthday on Instagram with a photo of her and Benny. “HBD 8th birthday Vivi! You are the sweetest little girl a daddy could ever hope for! You are so loved (and always protected by your big brothers)! ❤️” he wrote.

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