Top 3 Capabilities that Drive Successful Marketing Platform Implementations

At some point, every marketing team will go through a major implementation. This can be a defining moment of change that moves the team forward, or in some cases, leave a marketing team struggling. Countless hours will be spent choosing the right platform with the right mix of capabilities that your team needs. With that said, how much time you put into assessing the capabilities of your own organization is just as important.

With many moving parts, an implementation requires exceptional coordination, and organizations with robust project management teams will be well positioned to succeed. The ability to secure resources internally and get the right skillsets in the right places will be crucial to the overall success of the implementation. Multiple timelines with counter dependencies will need to be managed along with coordination from outside vendors providing critical services.

A commitment to change is a key capability. Tech-centric, forward thinking organizations that are eager to look for new ways of doing business are often better poised to launch a major implementation. It’s in their DNA to question the status quo and look for opportunity through change. However, this needs to be backed by real-world actions. Internal learning opportunities that allow staff to hit the road running is one of the most important capabilities that drive success. Having strong governance mechanisms is another element that can make or break a marketing platform implementation, especially in the long run.

An adaptive, iterative culture of growth is also a vital attribute that can help an organization get the most value out new technologies. Implementations are not plug-and-play, and the outcomes your team anticipates could be very different than what you experience. A Marketing Center of Excellence can be an invaluable resource to help adjust to curves in the road by providing guidance and a framework for evaluating wins, losses and learning form the unexpected.

Taking the plunge into a new marketing automation platform is a complex and challenging undertaking with the potential for great rewards. Looking inward at your own organization’s capabilities and readiness is vital to the success of an implementation. In particular, project management, training & governance, and a CoE are capabilities that your own organization can bring to the table to help get the most out of an implementation. Need assistance? We’re here to help, reach out!

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