Top Content from 2020 – Part 1

As we dive into the early months of 2021, we look back on 2020 and all of its demand for flexability, new developments and opportunities. As a fun way to remember the year, we pulled our top blog posts from 2020! Thank you for reading along with us throughout the year! We can’t wait to welcome you back in 2021, but for now, enjoy five of our ten best.

Basics-Oracle-Eloqua-Responsive-Email-BuilderA lot of people like the idea of creating emails. A lot of people also raise their eyebrows and prick up their ears when you mention creating your own responsive email. And yet, a lot of people dismiss it, thinking you have to be a coding whiz to make it happen.

Not anymore! If you can use a computer and have access to Oracle Eloqua, you can build a responsive email. Eloqua now allows you to sit back and create rich, responsive emails all by yourself. So, gather your images and text, and see what you can create!

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8 Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing During a Crisis

Crisis Email MarketingMarketers are currently scrambling to decide how to email during a crisis. Should we send more? Should we send less? Can I email my entire database? These are all valid questions that many of us are trying to answer in these unprecedented times.

Relationship One is here to help. To make it easier for you, we have put together some Do’s and Don’ts and gathered some helpful resources from others in the business to assist you as you navigate these uncharted waters.

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Oracle Eloqua Salesforce Integration App is here!!

Integration TrendsYou may know that Oracle is able to integrate between CRM systems and Eloqua. Up till now, the Integration between and Oracle Eloqua has been configured using the native integration area in Eloqua and Program Builder. Oracle has now created a new Integration App that provides a faster speed-to-lead and a simpler configuration user Interface.

If you currently have an Integration between Oracle Eloqua and Salesforce CRM using the native integration it is important to know that Oracle will no longer support it as of February 1, 2021. It is recommended that customers who are currently using the native integration between Oracle Eloqua and Salesforce CRM start preparing now for the transition to the new app. The app is available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace free of charge. You can read more about the transition in the Oracle Product notice. (You will need an Oracle Support Account to view the notice). Keep in mind if you are migrating from the native to the new integration app, you can run the two integrations side-by-side.

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Five Keys to Cross-Channel Orchestration

Cross Channel OrchestrationWhat do we mean when we say “cross-channel orchestration?” On the surface, we’re referring to our ability to reach customers wherever they are, regardless of channel. This day and age, those options are endless. From online and offline to web and mobile to push and pull, there are umpteen ways to aid your customers throughout their journey. Going one level deeper, it also means that across these disparate channels, mediums, and interfaces, our core message is consistent with user expectations. It means that the customer’s experience is a holistic one, driven mainly by their needs and behaviors.

Cross-Channel Orchestration is so much more than just “integration.” It’s the grail of delivering rich, meaningful customer experiences. As we enter this new age of marketing, the holistic customer experience is paramount. We’ve reached a point in marketing where data is everywhere. Technologies and capabilities have evolved rapidly. Many marketers are still struggling to “catch up” and utilize their data in a way that not only enhances a customer’s experience, but also optimizes their path to purchase.

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Inspired Marketing Magazine – Fall 2020

Inspired Marketing Magazine Fall 2020At Relationship One, the thing we are most proud of is the success of our clients and partners. Nothing makes us happier than sharing stories of transformation and growth on our Inspired Marketing Podcast. We wanted to find a way to continue sharing these stories of inspiration.

The Inspired Marketing Magazine is an easy way to read these stories of success. We were proud to release our eighth edition. This edition features stories of modern marketing success from Dow Jones (our featured story), Cisco and a special COVID Panel with guests from Indiana University Health, UCHealth, and HonorHealth. Learn their stories of marketing inspiration and how they have changed the way these organizations “do marketing.”

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Want to see the rest? Head straight to part 2!

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